Virginia Area code

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Virginia area codes and their corresponding regions. Whether you're a resident, business owner, or visitor, it's essential to know which area code serves which area. In this guide, we provide you with accurate information to help you navigate Virginia's telecommunication system with ease. Let's dive in!

How many area codes does Virginia have?

Area code of Virginia

Virginia currently has 13 area codes. These area codes represent different regions within the state, allowing for more efficient communication between individuals and businesses. The first area code in Virginia was implemented in 1947, and since then the number of codes has slowly increased to accommodate the growing population and businesses in the state. The most populated area code in Virginia is 703, which covers the suburbs of Washington DC and Northern Virginia. Other major area codes in Virginia include 757, which covers the Hampton Roads region, and 804, which covers the capital city of Richmond. Despite the abundance of area codes in Virginia, the state is still able to maintain a strong sense of connectedness and unity among its residents.

List of all Virginia area codes

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<table class="tableizer-table"> <thead><tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Area codes</th><th>Selected cities</th></tr></thead><tbody> <tr><td>276</td><td>Abingdon, Wytheville</td></tr> <tr><td>434</td><td>Danville, Lynchburg, Charlottesville</td></tr> <tr><td>540</td><td>Roanoke, Harrisonburg</td></tr> <tr><td>571, 703</td><td>Alexandria, Mount Vernon</td></tr> <tr><td>757</td><td>Norfolk, Virginia Beach</td></tr> <tr><td>804</td><td>Richmond, Hopewell</td></tr> </tbody></table>

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Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Area code

1. What is the area code for Virginia?

The area code for Virginia is 540. It covers the western half of the state, including cities like Roanoke, Blacksburg, Winchester, and Fredericksburg.

2. What cities in Virginia have the 703 area code?

The 703 area code covers the northern portion of Virginia, including the cities of Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, and Falls Church.

3. What is the history of Virginia's area codes?

Virginia originally had only one area code, 703, which was created in 1947. As the population grew, the state was divided into multiple area codes, with 540 created in 1995 and 804 in 1973.

4. Can I keep my 703 area code if I move within Virginia?

Yes, you can keep your 703 area code if you move within Virginia as long as your new location is within the same geographic area served by the 703 code. If you move to a new area that is served by a different area code, you will be assigned a new phone number with that area code.

5. Is there a new area code coming to Virginia soon?

Yes, the new area code 948 is being added to Virginia and will be overlaid with the existing 540 area code. This means that both 540 and 948 will serve the same geographic area, and residents and businesses within that area will have to dial the area code plus the seven-digit phone number for all calls. The new area code is expected to be implemented in the fall of 2021.

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