New York Area code

Discover the ins and outs of New York area codes and the areas they cover. From the iconic 212 to lesser-known codes like 929, we'll take you on a journey through the state's distinctive regions. Whether you're a native New Yorker or just passing through, this guide is the ultimate resource for mastering the Big Apple's area codes.

How many area codes does New York have?

Area code of New York

New York State has a total of 18 area codes, ranging from 212 to 929. Each area code covers a specific geographic region within the state, and some of the most populous cities such as New York City and Buffalo have multiple area codes. Over the years, the demand for phone numbers has led to the creation of new area codes in New York, with the most recent one being 838, introduced in 2017. Despite the proliferation of area codes, New York residents typically do not need to dial the area code when making local calls within their area.

List of all New York area codes

If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple or have a business related to the city, our list of New York is an essential reference point. Whether you're searching for attractions to visit, restaurants to dine in, or businesses to partner with, this list has got you covered. Make the most out of your time in New York and explore all that this bustling city has to offer. Check out our comprehensive list below!

<table class="tableizer-table"> <thead><tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Area codes</th><th>Selected cities</th></tr></thead><tbody> <tr><td>212, 646</td><td>Manhattan</td></tr> <tr><td>315</td><td>Syracuse, Utica</td></tr> <tr><td>347, 718</td><td>Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island</td></tr> <tr><td>516</td><td>Mineola, Hicksville</td></tr> <tr><td>518</td><td>Albany, Troy</td></tr> <tr><td>585</td><td>Rochester</td></tr> <tr><td>607</td><td>Binghamton, Elmira</td></tr> <tr><td>631</td><td>Riverhead, Islip</td></tr> <tr><td>716</td><td>Buffalo, Niagara Falls</td></tr> <tr><td>845</td><td>Poughkeepsie, Kingston</td></tr> <tr><td>914</td><td>White Plains, Yonkers</td></tr> <tr><td>917</td><td>Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn</td></tr> </tbody></table>

History of the location

Frequently Asked Questions about New York Area code

1. What is the area code for New York City?

The area code for New York City is 212, although it has now been joined by 917, 646 and most recently 332 as part of an overlay.

2. What locations in New York have the 718 area code?

The 718 area code is used in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Some of the neighborhoods in these boroughs include Ridgewood, Williamsburg, Park Slope, and Woodhaven.

3. Can I keep my old 212 area code phone number in New York?

Yes, you can keep your old 212 area code phone number in New York, as long as you maintain an active account with your phone service provider.

4. Why are there multiple area codes in New York City?

Due to the high demand for phone numbers in the New York City area, the original 212 area code was supplemented with additional area codes as population grew and new phones were added. Over time, the 917, 646, and 332 area codes were all introduced to cover the same geographic area as the 212 code.

5. What is the difference between an overlay and a split in terms of area code changes?

An overlay occurs when a new area code is added to the same geographic area as an existing area code, while a split occurs when an area served by an existing area code is divided into two separate geographic areas, each with its own area code. In the case of New York, the additional area codes were introduced as overlays rather than splits.

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