Pittsburgh Area code

Here is everything you should know about Pittsburgh area codes along with the location history and other important details. Let's dive in to our list.

How many area codes does Pittsburgh have?

Area code of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, also known as the "Steel City," is located in the western region of Pennsylvania. The city of Pittsburgh uses two area codes, 412 and 878. Area code 412 covers the city and its immediate suburbs, while area code 878 serves as an overlay code for the same geographic region. If you're looking to establish a business or move to Pittsburgh, make sure to familiarize yourself with the city's area codes.

List of all Pittsburgh area codes

History of the location

Pittsburgh, known as the "Steel City," has a vibrant history that spans over three centuries. The city was named after William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham and a pivotal figure during the Seven Years’ War. It was the birthplace of American industrialization, where steel and iron production skyrocketed, making the city the backbone of the nation's economy. As for the Pittsburgh area code, it was discovered accidentally. In the early 1940s, the Bell System, which managed area codes across the country, ran out of three-digit codes for major cities. They introduced a new system, which required adding a middle digit to existing area codes. When the plan was put into action, Pittsburgh was assigned the 412 area code - a number that was chosen because it was easy for operators to dial on rotary phones. Over the years, the city has continued to evolve, with a thriving arts scene, a growing technology sector, and a rich sporting heritage. Pittsburgh has become one of America's most livable cities with plenty to offer its residents and visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pittsburgh Area code

1. What is the Pittsburgh Area Code?

The Pittsburgh area code is 412. It covers an approximate geographic area of 1,936 square miles and serves the city of Pittsburgh along with its surrounding suburbs and regions.

2. Which regions in Pennsylvania are covered by the Pittsburgh Area Code?

Apart from the city of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh area code (412) also covers several large and small towns in the following regions in Pennsylvania: - Allegheny County - Armstrong County - Beaver County - Butler County - Fayette County - Greene County - Indiana County - Lawrence County - Washington County - Westmoreland County

3. What are some interesting facts about the Pittsburgh Area Code?

The Pittsburgh Area Code (412) is one of the oldest area codes in Pennsylvania, introduced back in 1947. In 1998, the 878 overlay was added to the Pittsburgh area code to fulfill the requirement of additional numbers without changing the existing area code.

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