Sacramento Area code

Here is everything you should know about Sacramento area codes along with the location history and other important details. Let's dive in to our list.

How many area codes does Sacramento have?

Area code of Sacramento

Sacramento, the state capital of California, uses two area codes - 916 and 279. The 916 area code was the first one in operation in the city and is still in use today. On the other hand, the 279 area code was introduced in 2018 due to the high demand in the region.

List of all Sacramento area codes

History of the location

Sacramento, the capital city of California, has a rich history that spans back to the mid 1800s. In 1839, Johann Sutter, a Swiss pioneer, established a colony in the area and named it New Helvetia. Sacramento was founded on February 27, 1850, after gold was discovered in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, attracting a massive influx of gold-seekers, merchants, and other settlers from all over the world. The area rapidly developed into a commercial, cultural, and political hub of the region, with a thriving economy, bustling streets, and a vibrant social scene. While the city of Sacramento began to flourish, the need for a reliable communication system became apparent. In 1947, the North American Numbering Plan was established, which assigned three-digits to every telephone exchange in the United States. The Sacramento area was assigned the area code of 916, which proved to be an easy-to-remember and recognizable code. Today, Sacramento and the surrounding areas continue to grow and evolve, while still retaining a rich sense of history and culture that makes it one of the most unique and dynamic regions in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sacramento Area code

1. What is Sacramento Area Code and where is it located?

Sacramento Area Code is 916, it is the telephone code assigned to Sacramento, the capital city of California, USA.

2. What cities or places use the Sacramento Area Code?

Besides Sacramento city, some of the places that use the Sacramento Area Code, are: Folsom, Carmichael, Roseville, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, and Rio Linda.

3. Is Sacramento Area Code unique to the city or does it belong to other nearby regions?

Sacramento Area Code (916) is not unique to the city, it also belongs to other nearby regions such as El Dorado, Placer, and Yolo counties. Additionally, the Sacramento region also has two additional area codes, 530 and 279, that are used in other parts of the region.

4. Has Sacramento Area Code changed over time?

Yes, the Sacramento Area Code has undergone changes over time. In 1997, the region was originally assigned 916. Before 1997, it was shared with San Francisco Bay region. In 2017, two additional area codes, 279 and 534 were introduced to the area, due to the increased demand for phone numbers.

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