Mukul Chopra

Mukul Chopra is an Adjunct Faculty member at Heinz College. Mukul Chopra has served in technology leadership roles for over two decades. He was Chief Information Officer (CIO) in several prominent organizations including Children’s Hospital Association, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities and Communities in Schools. He was also Director of Digital Transformation for SoftwareONE/Comparex, a large global technology provider with a footprint in over 80 countries, and over $10 billion in annual revenues. He has a passion for business transformation, digital strategy, product development, and data analytics. He is a thought leader in change management and cyber-security, having written extensively and has addressed international conferences on these subjects. He brings a global perspective having studied and worked on three continents, and is fluent in five languages. He is certified as a CISSP, PMP, ITIL and MCSE.

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