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Dec 21, 2022

Top 30+ Awesome Christmas Gifts for Sales Reps to Appreciate and Encourage their Hardwork

Surprise your sales reps this Christmas! Christmas gifts are a great way to motivate and reward your sales team. As a sales leader, one of your jobs is to provide an effective company wide incentive plan in order to keep and grow your team's productivity

Christmas is just around the corner. And despite the cold outside, we exchange gifts and enjoy fine delicacies with our close ones to express our gratitude and love. Christmas joy extends beyond the families we celebrate at home. At our respective workplaces, we also share the same pleasure.

Let us say you manage a great workforce or own a business. It is the perfect opportunity to express appreciation to your sales team and reps on Christmas Eve. Gift shopping can be challenging, especially when buying Christmas presents for the sales team and employees. Make sure you choose the right gifts that are pocket-friendly. Along with the Christmas gifts for the sales team, you can also send delightful Christmas wishes

Here are some brilliant Christmas gift ideas for sales teams this holiday season.

How can gifts encourage your sales reps?

Giving Christmas gifts to sales teams is a great way to show appreciation for their hard work and revenue generation. In the end, they are trying to catch the big fish! A busy week in sales involves juggling ongoing strategy and quick wits.

It is common for sales professionals to share several traits by nature. They are usually gregarious, quick-witted, and charismatic. They can speak the language of their prospects because of their vast knowledge of various topics.

And if you are too worried, or confused about gifting, just trust Xoxoday & let the magic happen!

These 30 best gifts for sales teams at Christmas are based on these traits. While you do the gifting, they can keep selling!

Unique sales team Christmas gift ideas

Pick any best Christmas gifts for sales team, and let them have extra fun with your special gift.

1. Portable battery charger

Travelling salespeople should keep a portable phone or tablet charger in their carry-on to stay in contact during long layovers or if they do not have access to an outlet for hours. Your sales reps would benefit most from this portable battery charger.

2. Wireless bluetooth headphones

Consider gifting your sales reps beautiful Bluetooth headphones. With Bluetooth streaming, noise cancellation, and insane music quality, these headphones are known as the Porsche of headphones. The headset has a touch control panel to adjust the volume and playback playlists.

3. Laptop travel bag

They are ideal for sales reps who are always on the move and want everything in one place, safe and secure, while still looking stylish. Whatever your style, you are sure to find the right one.

4. Dinner with a marketer

Arrange a dinner with a marketer for your sales reps this Christmas. Most organizations struggle with sales-and-marketing alignment. Both parties benefit from this alignment as they share a common vision and build strategic alignment. Ideally, it would help if you did this once a quarter. The results you will see will be fantastic.

5. A bluetooth headset

There are tons of cost-effective headsets available for constant cold-callers working in busy offices. It is possible to reward a high-performing sales representative with a better option even if your company already offers these devices.

6. Personalized luggage tag

Travelling salespeople will appreciate a personalized luggage tag. They can organize their belongings in style. Gift them this customized luggage tag this Christmas.

7. An epic pen

Pens like this tactical pen are like Swiss army knives. Besides writing, it can also be used as a flashlight, screwdriver, and bottle opener. Let them enjoy some happy hour while they jot notes.

8. Stress balls

The salesperson in your life will appreciate a stress ball like this one. As a bonus, these relieve tension and strengthen their hands simultaneously. This could be one of the best Christmas gifts for your sales team.

9. Sales books

Gift them some sales insight this Christmas by presenting some excellent sales books. Consider the below best sales books:

  • Robert Cialdini's Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Approach to Influence and Persuasion
  • The Art of Time Management: How Sales Leaders Master Time Management and Create their Ideal Lives by Keith Rosen
  • Lou Schachter and Rick Cheatham, Selling Vision: The X-XY-Y Formula for Driving Results

10. Sports tickets

A pair of game-day tickets would be an excellent Christmas gift for any sports fan, professional or amateur. If your sales team rarely interacts outside the office, sporting events can be a great bonding experience. Let them have some relaxation and fun with this gift.

11. Goal planner

With this goal planner journal, sales reps can accomplish more and feel better every day. Perfect for the go-getters in your life, this is the ideal gift to keep them accountable, goal-oriented, and efficient.

12. Wi-Fi hotspot cufflinks

Your internet is available wherever you are. That is a great idea. Due to your sales reps’ constant travel, they require reliable internet connectivity. They will not have to steal spotty internet from the hotel gym or coffee shop down the street with these wi-fi hotspot cufflinks.

13. Ride-sharing gift card

Gift them a ride-sharing gift this Christmas. The traditional way for field salespeople to get around new places was by taxi, rental car, or public transportation. Ride-sharing programs are now available to them. Representatives will feel calm and relaxed when they arrive at their appointments because it is easier and more convenient to request an Uber or Lyft on their phones.

14. A bullet journal or notebook

Everyone, including salespeople, spends most of their day staring at a screen. Why not give your exceptional salesperson a bullet journal as a gift to give them a break and to help them organize their thoughts? They may come up with a brilliant pitch from their sales notes.

15. Desk plants

Whether at home or in the office, desk plants add a touch of life to a shared space, especially when displayed in a hydroponic vase.

Select easy-to-maintain plants that will thrive in an indoor environment. Pothos, bamboo, and succulents are some low-maintenance office plants. Gift your sales reps a desk plant this Christmas.

16. Customer reference

It may be the essential item on this list. Could the rep's product or service benefit someone you know? Then, introduce them to your sales reps. Nothing is more valuable than setting them up for quota in the first quarter.

17. Massage

You can always give them a gift certificate for a massage at a local spa once they have sweated out those toxins. Let them relax and lose some of the year’s selling stress this Christmas.

18. Carry-on cocktail kit

With this fantastic cocktail kit, your salesperson will be the classiest person on the plane, whether they are flying business class or coach. Let them share this with their neighbour too. Who knows, their neighbour may become your client in the future.

19. Mini bluetooth speakers

There is nothing classier than this set of full-range speakers with deep bass. Taking sales calls out loud is even possible with the built-in speakerphone. Get back to work and turn down the jams!

20. A desk pillow

Offer your sales reps the comfort of a desk pillow this Christmas. Whether at a desk all day or suffering from a bad back in the morning, a lumbar support pillow can help them greatly.

21. Snacks delight

Proper fueling is essential to productivity and peak performance. Gift them a box full of snacks and let it delight them this Christmas. Your sales reps will love these tasty snacks if you want to satisfy them.

22. Coffee boxes

Coffee boxes are just the thing for your salespeople who cannot get enough coffee. Gift them a box to charge themselves when they need it. This can boost their energy in times of stress or when they are overwhelmed with work.

23. Gym membership

It is imperative to have a way to release your pent-up energy when you are stuck in an office all day.

Companies often give Gym memberships as gifts to invest in employees' health. Even if the recipient is not an athlete, a gym membership might motivate them to live healthier lives. Offer a gym membership to your sales reps this Christmas.

24. Travel kits

When you travel, a lot can go wrong: getting through security should not be one of them. The TSA-friendly toiletry tubes in travel kits are also a great gift for frequent travelers. This Christmas, provide your traveling sales representatives with a travel kit.

25. Latest gadgets

The latest gadgets can make your tech-savvy salespeople feel like kids on Christmas morning, from smartwatches to tablets. Make their Christmas more memorable by giving them the latest tech gadget.

26. Standing desk

Standing desks are well-documented and are a great way to accommodate salespeople who wish to maintain an active lifestyle. An adjustable desk can give you the best of both worlds and transform your office space.

27. “Thank You” card

You will only have to spend a little on this one, as it is not technically free. Keep telling your sales team they are doing well, even if they know they are meeting quotas. These cards show how the company understands its workers' strengths and what they bring to the company by personalizing their cards.

28. Social shoutouts

The power of recognition cannot be overstated. Social shoutouts are a great way to acknowledge your sales team without stirring up the unnecessary competition, unlike traditional "employee of the month" programs.

Displaying your team via social media can make someone's day, individually or company-wide. Consider gifting this power of recognition this Christmas.

29. New office chair

It is worth investing in ergonomic office chairs if your sales team has been stuck in a boring budget chair for a while. They are much more comfortable and stylish. Allow them to sell more by sitting comfortably.

Delightful digital Christmas gifting ideas for sales reps

Here are some best digital choices for sales rep Christmas gifts. Have a look & choose the gift cards more frequently as they offer the best experiences to the recipients.

1. Food & restaurant gift vouchers

It is a great way to escape everyday life's hustle and bustle and experience food you cannot find at home. With Xoxoday's food and restaurant gift cards, you can delight your sales reps this Christmas. Let them have the fun of dining out with their friends and family.

You can also gift the below online gift cards from Xoxoday and show your gratitude to your sales agents this Christmas.

2. Fashion & lifestyle gift vouchers

Xoxoday gift vouchers can provide the latest, trendy fashion and lifestyle products. Your sales reps can purchase outfits from international brands with Xoxoday’s fashion and lifestyle gift vouchers. Upon returning to work, they will feel more confident.

  • Armani Exchange: You can shop across more than 30 fashion and lifestyle brands nationwide with one Luxe gift card. With Xoxoday, you can buy Armani Exchange gift cards now.
  • Max Fashions: The Max store features many product categories, including fashion clothing, accessories, home needs, and beauty products. Buy and gift a max fashion gift card now.

You can also shop the below fashion gift cards from Xoxoday today!

3. Health & wellness gift vouchers

This Christmas, consider offering your sales representatives gift cards for health and wellness. Throughout the year, salespeople will be travelling and dealing with multiple stressors. Xoxoday's Health & Wellness gift vouchers are a great way to show your care and appreciation.

  • Apollo Pharmacy: Allow your sales reps to access health and wellness with the Apollo Pharmacy gift card.
  • DocsApp Gold: A leading online doctor consultation platform, DocsApp, connects patients with specialists through chat and phone. Get a DocsApp Gold gift voucher today!
  • Lakme Salon: Let your salespeople can benefit from the expertise and experience of Lakmé Fashion Week through the Lakmé Salon. Across Lakmé's salons, professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and skin care specialists are available to meet your needs.

In addition to these vouchers, Xoxoday offers the below-mentioned gift vouchers.

4. Sports gift vouchers

Give them Xoxoday’s sports gift card, and let them select a sport and event at a time and place that suits them.

  • Cultpass: You can work out at home with cultpass LIVE if you subscribe to unlimited access. Shop a Cultpass Sports gift Voucher and gift your sales reps the excitement of a workout this Christmas.
  • Decathlon: Decathlon offers various products, with 85% of total product amounts coming from Mountain Sports, Water Sports, Cycling, Roller Sports, Tennis, Table Tennis, Golf, Fitness, and Team sports. Gift a Decathlon gift voucher to your sales team now!

5. Grocery gift cards and vouchers

Your sales reps will appreciate you if you give them Grocery gift vouchers since grocery shopping requires much time. With these gift vouchers, they can effectively spend that time with their family during Christmas. Shop Xoxoday’s Grocery gift cards and vouchers now!

You can also buy the below-mentioned gift cards from Xoxoday!

6. Entertainment gift cards and vouchers

Give your sales teams and reps the freedom to choose their Christmas entertainment. Festive seasons are mainly meant for enjoyment and fun with family and friends. So, gifting an Entertainment voucher will be the best option for this Christmas.

  • PVR eGift Voucher: You can allow your sales reps to experience film viewing most fascinatingly with a PVR eGift Voucher.
  • BookMyShow: Let your salesperson enjoy their favorite movie with a BookMyShow gift voucher.
  • Entertainment Pay: India's top entertainment brands under one roof - GyFTR Entertainment! Then, select your Favourite Subscriptions & Buy your Denomination from the GyFTR Entertainment Page after buying the Entertainment Code on this page. Make your sales reps happy & entertained this Christmas with Xoxoday’s Entertainment pay.

Additionally, you can give them entertainment and fun in the comfort of their own home by gifting them vouchers for

7. Travel gift cards and vouchers

Plan your sales reps’ vacations by gifting Xoxoday Travel gift vouchers, even on a limited budget. Using travel gift vouchers, you can save on all aspects of your holiday, including tickets, hotel accommodations, dining, and intracity cab travel.

Let your sales reps can have a stress-free journey this Christmas with Xoxoday’s travel gift vouchers.

With Xoxoday, you can also buy the below gift vouchers. Pick the one that fits your budget and surprise your sales reps.

8. Charity gift cards and vouchers

Gift the joy of giving to your sales reps through Xoxoday’s Charity Gift Cards.

  • DonateKart: The DonateKart crowdfunding platform creates social impact through trust and transparency. Gift a DonateKart eGift Card to your sales agent this Christmas.
  • Points For Good: Your salesperson can donate to causes and charities they care about through Points for Good. Let them be satisfied with helping others this Christmas with the Points for Good Gift Voucher.

9. Jewelry gift cards and vouchers

You can give your sales reps a special emotional touch with jewelry gift cards and vouchers personalized with personalized messages. Xoxoday’s Jewelry gift cards allow your sales agent to redeem gold, diamonds, or pearl jewelry designs using the joy of gifting.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds: Let your sales agent celebrate this Christmas with Malabar Gold and Diamonds. Gift them a Malabar Gold and Diamonds Gift Voucher!

Tanishq Studded: Besides superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs, and excellent product quality, Tanishq is synonymous with quality. Buy a Tanishq Studded gift card from Xoxoday!

Xoxoday also has many jewellery gift vouchers online. You can select from,


Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand variety of Christmas gift ideas for sales reps. You must create a gift strategy, collect your budget, provide the recipient's information, select high-quality items, and wrap them in sustainable custom packaging. Your efforts will also be rewarded. Giving your sales reps Christmas gifts will undoubtedly motivate them and energize them once they return to work.

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