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Jul 5, 2021

Showing Salespeople the Path to Success Using Gamification

Motivating sales reps is difficult. Gamifying their sales journey to make it interesting is the key. Here's our take on how Compass - a Gamification software can make motivating sales reps interesting with gamification.

Sales leaders resort to a lot of conventional methods to motivate their sales teams, such as comprehensive training programs, workshops and on-field training. However, they’re largely ineffective, time-consuming, and expensive propositions. Sales gamification is a brand new strategy that is emerging as a valuable tool that is built on the basic psychological principles of motivation.

Sales gamification is the process of applying game-design elements and features to sales and includes awarding points for certain successful actions, arranging regular competitions, and rewarding sales reps for their performance and is majorly used for turning pipeline tasks, like calling prospects, setting meetings, and closing deals, into a game. 

Preset day gamification typically uses technology and interface that builds a game-like simulation for sales reps to “play” on. Here’s an example of Compass live in action.

Improve Customer NPS

But how does gamification help the sales reps sell more?

It is because gamification creates challenges, quests, and journeys for sales teams to participate in and reward them for completion. Reps can monitor their progress on a leaderboard and understand how teams work together to meet sales goals. And most importantly, their intermediate goals are recognized with instant rewards and payouts. 

1. Clearer targets

Compass helps participants in target setting by letting them set their own goals ang then gamifying them.

2. Milestone-based game

Milestone based games break down targets into parts thus making them more achievable which can be easily configured on Compass.

3. Rewards 

Compass not only helps participants earn rewards but also helps organizations roll out meaningful rewards.

4. Live leaderboards

Compass helps in displaying leaderboards that reward and reinforce behaviors, instead of only praising the results thus making it easier to understand revenue-generating behaviors.

5. Real-time notifications and nudges

Real-time notifications and nudges in Compass help in breaking down performance targets into rightly timed interventions to boost achievements.

When you set goals for sales teams, it becomes easier for them to complete tasks and work towards achieving that goal. Gamification can help motivate your employees to complete their tasks efficiently, helping boost the overall sales. 

Supercharge your sales team with the world’s leading gamification software.

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