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Create and Launch contests

Turbo-charge  your business with Compass-Close integration

Stream data from Close and relax! Readily import metric calculations and data schema that are already built on Close. Get on to publishing sales contests on exciting game templates and offer one-click automated incentive payouts.

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Benefits of integration:

Straight to Program Creation

You can get straight onto incentive program creation for your sales teams and leave the data upload work to the Compass integration.

Real-Time Programs

Program admins can run live programs based on real-time performance and achievement data of the end-users.

Auto-Pilot through Compass Administration

Don’t lose focus over complex manual incentive processing! Get self-started with what’s most important - program creation, management, and tracking.

Uniformity across your Enterprise Systems

Get your data onto Compass in the same form that it is present on Close. This incredibly reduces the efforts of data standardization and compliance.

Single Source of Truth

Structural changes made on Close will now reflect onto Compass in real-time, ensuring that there is only one source of truth for the data.

Insurance Sales Producers

Insurance sales is boring, Gamification make it interesting!

Monotony in sales attributes to significant business loss. Insurance sales producers faces following challenges

Pushy Goalsheets

• No Recognition for intermediate achievements
• Low Motivation to sell

Non-Engaging Schemes & Contests

• Lack of contests awareness
• Tough to get Scorecards
• Errors & Delays in disbursals

Team Managers

One-Click access to trends, performances and contests

Clear and instant visibility of performance data, contests and commission plans is important. Goal-sheets can help managers have bang-on conversations. However they face challenges in

Tracking Live Performance

• Performance of self, sales producers and skip-level reportees
• Leaderboards of performers, non-performers and inactive users

Visibility of Contests & Offers

• Unawareness about contests & offers
• Mapping eligible contests with different segments


• Striking earning-based conversations
• Income planning with sales producers

Program admins

Error-free, On-time Disbursals with Live ROI Tracking

Delays and errors in publishing contests, scorecards and disbursals make sales producers frustrated. This leads to attrition and productivity losses. Some of the problems of program admins are

Publishing Contests & Commission Plans

• Designing, Publishing and Broadcasting Contests is time consuming
• Track Contest performance manually

Timely Calculations & Disbursements

• Error-free calculations
• Adjustment requests
• Timely disbursals

Drawing Actionable Insights

• Inform the sales producers about target gaps
• Insights on contests