Sales commission & automation

Too much tech? 5 reasons why one system is better than many for incentive calculation.

Organizations use a plethora of software to do one single thing. Automate incentives. But when they follow this highly manual process, they can never automate incentives completely and rely on part automation. Thus, employees use more tech, which is inefficient in function and use, leading to technology fatigue.

Today, the most agile businesses are working on finding the tech balance—adopting only the technology that will keep their company running strong.

At the heart of what we create is a philosophy of 'why have many when you can have one?' Why should five pieces of software be required when the job could be handled by a single, well-designed, software?

This rationale behind our approach to product development is based on more than just efficiency. Here are 5 reasons why a single, consolidated, system is preferred over many disparate systems.

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