Wish you had someone to calculate incentives while you enjoy a coffee break?

We got your back! Calculate and automate your incentive programs with Compass. Compass can handle the most complex commission programs. Enable easy payouts with a click. Unleash the power of your A-Team with sales gamification today.
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Turbo-charge your business with Compass

We’ve got it covered! No matter how simple or complex your incentive programs, Compass can handle it from start to finish

Reduction in Processing Time

Stop pouring over excel sheets! See a reduction in incentive processing time, with zero errors.

Clearer Communication

Move away from static WhatsApp and emails to timely, nudge-based communication.

Savings on Incentive Budgets

Working within budgeted payouts? We’ll help you save on error, delay and attrition-led leakages!

Increase in Sales Productivity

See a direct acceleration in your sales team’s performance and productivity!

Compass is a no-code sales commission software to automate your sales programs.