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Get a holistic view of your commission programs

Integrate your pipeline and deal data with commission plans in no time. Create a single source of truth for all teams to track performance in real time. Give your sale team the much-needed visibility into targets and earnings.

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Our Integrations

Easily connect your incentive and commission plans in Compass with your pipeline data in CRM, ERP, HRMS, on-premise, and cloud platforms, to hit the ground running in no time. No matter how vast and company-specific your data might be, Compass can easily pull information to create commission plans and be the single source of truth for tracking your commission outcomes.


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See how switching to Compass guarantees a hassle-free incentive & commission experience

Forget the spreadsheets

Move to a unified platform that seamlessly syncs your data from wherever it resides and run commission programs for specific KPIs you want to accelerate. Leave the data upload work to Compass and focus on creating, managing, and tracking your programs.

No need to standardize data

No matter how complex or personalized your data might be, Compass can sync it as it is and per your preference. Integrate the bulk data and choose fields you’d like to include in your commission programs.

Say goodbye to calculation errors

Reduce manual errors, which calls for multiple compensation revisions. By integrating data, you can automate data refreshes, ensure accurate and real-time commission calculations, and disperse payouts on time.

The Compass Advantage

24*7 Support

Round-the-clock support services to resolve any queries

Intuitive UX

Ensures quick platform adoption and high program engagement

Centralized Process

Have a single source of truth to track commission program outcomes

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Nothing is more powerful than the synergy between your data system and the commission automation platform. Let us show you how you can transform your largest sales expense into the biggest business growth driver

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