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Net Benefits
ROI on Compass Implementation
Payback period (in months)
Start of period
Platform Charges
Monthly fee per user per month
C1: Total monthly platform charges
Incentive Expenses
C2: Monthly sales incentives
Training costs
C3: Monthly training costs : Admins  (3 Admins, @$20 per hour, 12 hours per user per annum)
C4: Monthly training costs : Team members (@$15 per hour, 0.5 hours per user per annum)
Start of period
Reward Savings
Average corporate discount on GVs and Experiences Monthly fee per user per month
B1: Savings on total reward value
Perks and benefits savings
Annual savings per team member (@250, collected from client case studies)
B2: Total monthly savings on perks and benefits
Communication tool savings
Monthly fee per user
B3: Total Monthly communication platform charges saved (Growth rate  @2% Ref)
Reduction In Atrrition due to Improved Sales Team Engagement
Annual cost of attrition (@120% (Ref) of Average Salary * No. of team members *13% (Global attrition benchmark)
B4: Monthly cost of attrition reduction attributable to Compass (@ 20%, collected from client case studies)
Time saved
Monthly admin time saved in incentive program design, go live and disbursals (in Man hours)
B4: Monthly savings due to reduction in time for program admininstration
Revenue Improvement
B6: Monthly Increase in revenues attributable to Compass (@12% of the normal growth rate, collected from client case studies with control groups)
TOTAL MONTHLY BENEFITS (B1 + B2 + B3 + B4 + B5 + B6)