Navigate the challenging automobile market with transparent incentive plans

Motivate your dealers and sales executives by bringing visibility into how their sales activities translate into incentives with real-time earnings estimator and performance tracker
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Transparent dealer incentive plans​

Your sales executives are very knowledgeable about the cars and other products they sell. To keep them motivated, provide them with real-time earnings visibility before and after each sale.
Rep alerts for new schemes for new car launch

Keep your sales executives informed about the launch of new incentive programs for new product launches or changes in the existing structure in their mobile apps.

Visibility for every executive in your showroom

Provide complete transparency into how incentives are calculated for your sales executives, sales managers and after-sales team with concise documents present in-app.

Convey structure changes to dealers

The automobile industry has fierce competition and requires frequent updates on incentive structures according to market conditions and competitive landscapes.
Adjust plans based on auto mobile market trends

Compare and measure the results of your incentive compensation plans against your competitors and adjust the incentive structure on the go.

Drive alignment globally across multiple channels

Streamline your plan creation and bring alignment across GTM teams by providing transparency into the incentive structure, calculation logic, quotas and more.

Track performance across showrooms

Expand your distribution capabilities and capture new market share through data-driven territory design. Identify revenue trends and find low-performing areas to make relevant alterations.
Identify trends with dealerships and brand stores

Easily provide reports on the most critical KPIs. Configure reports with visualization options to understand which channel performs better.

Gather feedback from executives about the plans

Empower sales executives through different channels to provide feedback on the impact of incentive structure on their target attainment by running surveys built in-app.

End to end SPM software ​for auto mobile industry

Explore a comprehensive suite of features aimed at significantly reducing the time ​and cost spent in managing incentive compensation programs.
Earnings calculator

Empower executives to calculate their incentives or commissions beforehand with an earnings calculator, enabling them to focus on high-value deals.

Mobile App

Provide showroom salesmen with a user-friendly mobile app that has all the plan documents so they can understand the incentive structure.

Channel Performance

Centralize sales performance tracking of dealers worldwide and push better incentive plans for low-performing dealership outlets.


Motivate and retain top sales talent top sales performers by recognizing their wins in public with live leader boards, and scorecards.


Distribute incentives or commissions to multiple members of your sales team who took the deal from the discovery to purchase stage.

Escalation handling

Centralize all the queries and disputes concerning incentive calculations and payouts with the ability to approve or reject.

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Real-time earnings visibility for sales executives

Experience the agility and simplicity of spreadsheets with power of automation at scale. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to build, launch, and optimize sales commission plans without technical expertise.

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85+ Integration options

Centralize your sales data from any number of data sources under a single platform. Our talented tech team will help you integrate your data from any database like SAP, Oracle, MYSQL, etc in no time.

Connect the sales incentive data from SAP platforms.
Centralize your sales commissions and channel incentive data
MS dynamics 365
Integrate and track scheme performance in real-time
Link your sales commission data with the SQL tables.
Connect data with Compass’s SFTP through a seamless process.
Google Sheets
Stop doing manual data entry by connecting sheets with Compass.

Enterprise-Grade data security and privacy management

Data protection is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.