Future Ready Features to Drive Revenue

Discover how Compass has a future ready tech stack that scales and adapts to your business goals.

It's important to adopt agile, secure, and scalable technologies to quickly respond to the VUCA world. Compass is one such product that doesn't stop by deploying its incentive programs.


Microservice Architecture

The product built 100% on a microservices architecture that robustly supports future upgrades necessary to be responsive to business needs. This architecture ensures that the product is highly scalable and the maintenance is nimble and flexible.


Poly Cloud Architecture

Compass has a poly cloud architecture that supports companies to choose their cloud and its location. The PI data will be stored as per client requisites and assures security. The company can also choose between a private cloud or a public cloud as per their utility.


256-bit encryption

Every piece of data processed through Compass is encrypted with 256-bit in Cipher. This further ensures enhanced security to user data.


AI bots and services support

Compass offers an AI Bot to answer scheme related questions. The bot is capable of answering majority of the questions within few seconds. The AI Bot is configured to the client and they can answer questions and issues of both the admin user and the end-user. Customer success teams help companies to answer address system related issues.


Game Templates

Games create excitement at work and also push people to perform well and earn more. Compass product is built to create an open-source tech framework where the external game builders can create achievement-based games. This way, the clients get to choose from a wide range of pre-built games. This will keep the freshness alive and the predictions and analytics widgets shall be cutting edge. Compass takes various parameters and attributes from past schemes and then makes highly reliable suggestions and predictions on improving incentive schemes. These predictions are based on product mix sold, sales patterns and incentives, etc. This feature also allows companies to optimize their incentive programs and triggers.


Gamified Nudges

Compass offers a set of nudges to motivate users to do better. This gets better and better over a period of time.


Security Compliance

Compass is compliant to GDP, ISO, and SOC 2 and hence adheres to global and local security and privacy needs.

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