Accelerate financial product sales with commission automation 

Automate commission processing and enable your sales team with on-demand performance insights

Trusted by leading companies globally 

We’re here to make commissions the biggest growth driver for your business


Enable your sales teams to efficiently sell financial products & services and close monthly targets on time


Amp up the spirit of your agents to get more policy sales with transparent and engaging incentive plans

Wealth management

Motivate your advisors to get new clients and maintain a long-lasting relationship with them effortlessly

How can Compass help?

We help financial companies drive faster business results with one of the critical growth levers - Commissions. Compass has solutions to make financial sales secure, exciting, and efficient, from assisting companies in devising geo-specific commission plans to automating calculations and disbursing payouts on time.

Automate intricate commission plans in no time

Save time for tasks that matter by automating your entire commission process from launch and calculation to payout disbursements

Securely streamline commission process end-to-end

Data integration

Integrate your data, however huge and complex they might be, and run programs for KPIs you’d like to accelerate

Customized plans

Tailor commission plans as per market requirements, job responsibilities and nature of your sales channel

Calculation automation

Arrive at accurate compensation by automating complex commission and spiff calculations and leave no room for errors

Approval automation 

Ensure on-time disbursal of payouts by automating the multi-level approval process among stakeholders

Boost the spirits of sales staff by gamifying plans

Empower your sales team to be the rockstars of financial sales with gamification to drive healthy competition and by giving complete visibility into their targets and commissions

Ignite the competitive spirit in your sales team

Superior experience

Provide in-house and field sales teams, the flexibility to switch between programs & mobile apps to track progress on the go

Better engagement

Recognize their achievements with leaderboards, milestone badges, rewards, and scorecards

Nudges & notifications

Frequently communicate about targets, earnings, and achievements through nudges and notifications

Rewards & incentives

Give them the options to redeem payouts in the form of gift cards, experiential vouchers, and more

Make better sales decisions with real-time analytics

With predictive analytics, you can forecast sales and devise strategic plans for different sales channels and achieve targets faster

Realize business goals faster with predictive analytics

Security & privacy

Maintain compliance with international regulatory & revenue standards, financial guidelines and policies. 

Performance management

Track the performance of your sales teams and channels and incentive-related KPIs with rich analytics on a single platform.

Real-time reports

Quickly get program reports and streamline information needed for audits, business reviews, and leadership meetings

Program optimization

Derive intelligence from past programs to optimize rules and targets for new programs

Make financial products sales fun, recurring, and profitable with Compass


Reduction in incentive processing time


Savings in sales productivity


Savings on incentives budgets


Reduction in incentive processing time


Savings in sales productivity


Savings on incentives budgets

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