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A SaaS-based Gamification and Incentive Automation software to empower sales teams.

Our Mission

A single problem that gripped everyone in sales has everything to do with inconvenience in commissions and incentives: they were delayed, incorrect and cumbersome.

When we started building Compass, our only aim was to ‘democratize sales commissions’ and make incentive distribution and measurement easier than ever thought before. We have a strong vision. To change the lives of all the people who sell - across startups and corporations alike; to make selling fun again. 

Compass is built with tools for program design, target-setting, milestone-based interactive game templates, live leaderboards, program analytics, and a global catalog for rewarding with more than 16000+ options to choose from thus helping people-first organizations manage incentive programs, end-to-end, efficiently.

What drives us?


Compass is built for people. We truly believe in putting people first. Our ultimate aim is to build a product that is dependable and provides value for all stakeholders -- our customers, employees, partners and society at large.

Innovate to solve problems

Compass is an unorthodox product built to solve orthodox problems in the most traditional function - Sales - through constant innovation.

Empowering people

At Compass, we are driven to empower people - both internal and external. We believe empowerment leads to excellence. And we aim to create maximum value for our users, our team and our customers.

Our History

Late 2020

Compass was ideated by Abhishek, Kushal, Anindo and Abhinav.

Early 2021

Compass was born and beta-released in the market.

Mid 2021

Expanded team and On-boarded first 5 customers.

From startups to the world’s largest companies

Dozens of companies across the globe use Compass to improve sales & channel performance.

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