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You get unparalleled features and unrestricted access to your smart, intuitive and zero compromise platform to design and automate commission plans, track sales performance in real-time and enable get commission right every time.

Who is Compass for?

  • Companies with commissionable employees from 50 to 1000+
  • Companies with sophisticated or maturing technology stack
  • Businesses with time-consuming commission practices

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Incentive plan designer

  • Define complex variables and setup variables library
  • Multi-country plan deployment
  • Multi-tier quota settings
  • Pre-built game templates
  • Plan survey
  • White labeling - Modify app look and feel, fit your brand themes

Calculations automation

  • Build calculation logic
  • Automated calculation workflows
  • Built-in validator for error-free processing
  • Automated workflows post calculation triggers
  • Easily manage exceptions, splits and roll-up calculations


  • Log of earned, redeemed and available values
  • Detailed transaction details that highlights specific activities that has led to earning
  • Offer gift vouchers and brand currencies 
  • Offer exciting interest based experiences
  • Offer non-monetary rewards like badges

Plan modeling & forecasting

  • Create models of existing plans
  • Impact analysis of changes to plan metrics
  • What-if simulators to forecast earnings
  • Goals vs. payout modeling

Workflow automation

  • Design custom workflow on a visual canvas
  • Multi-level workflows for reviews and approvals

Admin settings & support

  • Finely define user access rights
  • Configure redemption storefront with custom catalog
  • Offline Payments / Overriding - Payout exception handling
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Mobile app (android and ios) for field sales and non-sales teams
  • Ready-made Launch to effectiveness collaterals

Reporting & analytics

  • Fully configurable and detailed performance widget boards 
  • Detailed platform performance metrics
  • Receive intelligent cues and insights to improve contest designs
  • Simulate budgeting to business outcome based on past data
  • Audit trails with computed values, redeemed values, and more
  • In-contest performance tips
  • Teams and individual performance reports
  • Customized reporting by hierarchical levels and functions

Data management and organisation

  • Advanced database linking options
  • Filters on input data to reduce errors to <0.01%
  • Quick integration with legacy and home grown systems
  • Built-in data connectors & APIs
  • Built-in data structure creator from raw data sets
  • Import data as-is without restructuring
  • Process millions of records in just few mins

Communications & engagement

  • Real-time view of performance with live scorecards
  • Dynamic leaderboards and scoring
  • Opportunity tracker that highlights activities that can let user to earn more
  • Automated disputes management 
  • Custom-view for User-levels
  • Activity feeds where users can read, comment or post content with images, videos, & attachments
  • Document repository to store important files for easy reference
  • Easy to create groups for different region, passion or other classifications
  • Configure posting rights, group formation and more
  • Personalized reminder nudges


  • One click integration with Salesforce, ZohoCRM and Google sheet
  • Out of the box integration with Hubspot, Close, Leadsqaured
  • Flexible Rest API integration 
  • SFTP secure integration 
  • Capability of ingesting and processing millions of data points in a day
  • HRMS integrations for User data integration
  • Database pull integration 
  • SSO/SAML/ADFS secure


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