Turbo-charge your business with Compass

We’ve got it covered! No matter how simple or complex your incentive programs, Compass can handle it from start to finish

Reduction in Processing Time

Stop pouring over excel sheets! See a reduction in incentive processing time, with zero errors.

Clearer Communication

Move away from static WhatsApp and emails to timely, nudge-based communication.

Savings on Incentive Budgets

Working within budgeted payouts? We’ll help you save on error, delay and attrition-led leakages!

Increase in Sales Productivity

See a direct acceleration in your sales team’s performance and productivity!

Seamless integrations with your CRMs

Integrate Compass via webhooks, APIs or SDKs. Link and add gate filters in case of multiple data sources

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Publish incentive programs in under 10 Minutes

Select game templates from a plethora of options, define KPIs, and create logic with rules, variables, and conditions, without coding.

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Across Varied Industries

Drive behaviors that power business results with engaging sales programs

Financial Services

For direct sales teams, sales agents, connectors, and collections team

Insurance Companies

For tele-sales teams, and customer service executives.

Logistic Companies

For delivery fleet, warehousing employees, and sales teams.

Consumer Goods

For direct sales teams, distribution partners, and retailers.

Outsourcing Centers

For tele-sales teams, and customer service executives.

SaaS Companies

For tele-sales, inside sales, account management, and lead-qualification teams.

Compass for your diverse ecosystem

Use Compass for your varied teams and influence KPIs that matter.

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Platform features for a global, scattered remote workforce

Drive behaviors that power business results with engaging sales programs


Bring employees together with dynamic content translation.

White-label &
custom branding

Personalize the gamification experience end-to-end.

DIY & Self Serve

Plug-and-play systems that can be deployed within a day.

Web & Native Mobile apps

Bring employees together with dynamic content translation.

Access & Admin console

Easy to use admin console to manage permissions, controls, and data.

Single Sign on

Seamless login from existing apps via SAML, ADFS, Onelogin, Okta, etc.


SoC2, ISO, and GDPR compliant with high security standards.

Nudges & Alerts

AI Bot & mail notifications to reinforce behaviors for individuals or broadcasts.

How Compass was born to make sales less boring

Here's an anecdotal and empirical story of how Compass was built and, more importantly, why it was built.

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How Compass solved their problems

Food Delivery Brand DE


Engaging nationwide manpower of delivery executives (DEs) who are remote gig-workers.


Compass onboarded ~250,000 DEs onto our automated performance-linked rewards platform.


5X times more 5-day weekly shifts. 3*5 more login hours. 66% lesser attrition.

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Improving renewals and premium collection of Insurance feet-on-street sales teams.


Transparent and readily available performance data, with targets broken into achievable milestones, and customized timely nudges.


No. of Performers Increased by 46%. Avg. net premium per performer increased by 9.2%. Performers Rate App at 4.8/5.

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POS Recruitment


Increase code generation, activization and premium collected by recruiters from the POS team.


Differentiated automated incentive programs for different recruiter cohorts. Milestones of cumulative recruitment achievements, with weekly nudges.


No. of Performers Increased by 46%. Avg. net premium per performer increased by 9.2%. Performers Rate App at 4.8/5.

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Logistics Last Mile DE


Improve last mile delivery performance and reduce attrition within the team.


Custom programs created to improve delivery efficiency through an incremental milestone game. Reduce fake delivery attempts through metric tracking. Provide visibility for the hierarchy with a dynamic performance dashboard.


YOY revenue growth of 30%. App adoption at 83%. Attrition reduced by ~15%.

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What our customers say about us

Friendly and efficient team
“ Such a customer friendly team and best professionals to take care of our business requirements. I believe that your strength is your team members and their passion for work. Keep the good work guys, it’s time for me to move on with my career, but wherever I go, if given an opportunity I would reccomend Compass along with this efficient team. I wish you all success. ”
Manigandan R
Product Designer
Great Range of Rewards!
“ The engagement tool is extremely comprehensive for managing rewards, incentives and loyalty programs. It is simple to implement across departments/ functions and highly intuitive for users across the spectrum; be it a senior sales professional or a front line delivery executive. ”
Manigandan R
Product Designer
Happiness quotient is 100%
“ Compass helped in increasing the happiness quotient of our salespeople resulting in better productivity and therefore the ROI that we as a company get on the product is significant. Digitization of rewards and instant gratification are critical as far as the sales department is concerned and  Compass is catering the same. ”
Manigandan R
Product Designer