Automate Sales Commissions with Compass Compass’s easy Integrations

Powerful Compass integrations allows you to take incentive gamification right to where your workforce already are. Find out all about the integrations that Compass offers.

Design, publish and broadcast sales compensation plans within minutes. No professional services. No coding. No spreadsheets. Save 100% of your time otherwise spent on data-compilation efforts.

Sales commission programs are designed to motivate sales teams to sell more. Communication collaterals are generated to cascade these programs and are released over Whatsapp or emails. The sales data is then populated periodically from multiple data systems, and the final incentives are then calculated over spreadsheets.

This method is prone to manual errors and delays that further create friction between the teams. To sum up, this traditional spreadsheet method of incentives leads to a not-so-amicable work environment.

Compass sales commission software

Re-imagine your sales commission programs as games. A game has challenges, and so does a commission program. A game has rewards, and so does a commission program. A game also has set-rules, and so does a commission program. Games are impactful when real rewards are disbursed with the click of a button in realtime. Xoxoday Compass sales commission software, with its easy integrations, help you achieve this seamlessly.

Compass first integrates with your data sources. These can be either a CRM, an ERP, a DMS, an HRIS, or any other native-grown tool - and consumes raw data. Compass offers further flexibility (through APIs, SDKs, etc.) for the sources to provide data at preset frequencies. Data synchronization pipelines can be defined to have real-time, near real-time, or batch data processing - based on the criticality of the application.


This data that is drawn this way is then sent to a centralized repository. Compass offers capabilities to add gatekeepers or filters to the raw-data to auto-filter these entries. These filters can be custom-defined in Compass with multiple conditions and logical operators. This capability significantly reduces your time and effort in processing the data manually. The filtered data is then used as the source to configure sales commission programs.

Xoxoday Compass, this way, offers a data-source agnostic platform that makes integration and adaptability extremely smooth.

To summarise, the benefits of Xoxoday Compass integrations include:

  • Zero Errors
  • No Manual data-processing efforts
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Automated Disbursals
  • Dynamic Performance Nudges and Notifications

How does compass integrates with your data sources?

Here are some of the top methods Compass integrates with your data sources.

1. Webhooks

A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. Popular CRMs and DMS applications like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive have ready to integrate Webhooks. Compass integrates with them to get real-time information on Compass thus giving you real-time visibility. The client can even use their own app/web modules to not interrupt the user experience - while leveraging all the functionalities of Compass.

2. APIs

An API (Application Programming Interface) delivers a user response to a system and sends the system’s response back to a user. Various native-grown or custom-applications provide APIs. APIs can configure sources that provide any or combination of real-time, near real-time, batch data based on the criticality of their applications. Compass can proficiently connect using APIs and facilitates incoming as well as outgoing APIs for payment transfers. APIs offer clients the flexibility to take Compass functionalities to the mobile /web app their teams are already using.

3. SDKs

SDKs (Software Development Kit) is essentially a kit that allows you to create software applications on a specific platform and is used when Webhooks and APIs are not available. SDKs shortcodes deployed in the company’s data-tools and create a process to auto-fetch the data.
Compass can easily integrate with existing applications with SDKs and help clients continue using their existing enterprise with the Compass feature add ons.

3. Google Sheets

While most organizations still use excel sheets to process data, a significant chunk has moved to Google sheets for easier collaboration. With this data source integration, clients can migrate onto our system quickly and easily. It removes a lot of overhead in the form of data-cleaning and management.
Compass integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets and pulls data types like string, int, float, and date - that makes the sharing of data between these two applications much easier and optimizes the business’s complex processes, and ensures real-time synchronization.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot saves marketing automation to smart content, the lead-specific data in contact records. Hubspot, through contacts as a field that they refer to store comprehensive information on companies, deals, tickets, line items, products, and quotes, etc.

Compass is empowered to pick up data from these fields and pulls data types like string, int, float, date from Hubspot for real-time communication and helps you save on time and efforts of manual synchronization. Apart from tech-enabled integrations, Compass also lets you manually upload data files. You can set the frequency of the data-upload and processed output will be instantly visible to the admin users.

In addition to decreased errors due to manual intervention and faster turnarounds, integration plays a key role in managing user adoption and experience. The modular microservices architecture of Compass allows clients to pick and choose modules that offer them the best functionality and fit well into their existing tech ecosystem.

Xoxoday Compass integrations come with high data security being a sales commission software. It provides multi-level data security and confidentiality. Our data protection and backup protocols are compliant with GDPR, ISO, and SOC thus offering banking-grade security.‍

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