Gamify goalsheets to accelerate sales

Goal sheets are pushy. Gamifying them is the way to accelerate sales.

What is your biggest challenge as a salesperson?

Let me tell you mine (and I’m sure this will be met with a resounding YES from all of you) - perpetually falling behind targets. Month after month, quarter after quarter.

After spending close to two decades both selling and managing sales teams, in the most churn-fickle industry like telecom to an agile SaaS product, I’ve come to the conclusion that sales managers almost never know “how much to sell”. Why? Because no one told them what is expected of them. Or if someone did, their target was defined by an excel formula: Total sales/No of salespeople. But this formula doesn’t take into account a lot of factors such as ability or past performance.

Doesn’t this methodology sound like a recipe for disaster? Does it really surprise you then why your sales team isn’t performing and is unmotivated?

It is because Excel was never built for goal sheets. Excel cannot factor SMART goals. And when you don’t have SMART goals, motivating your team can be really difficult. This is exactly when gamification comes to the rescue!

With sales gamification software, your sales executives can set their own targets or at least be AWARE of their set targets and can participate in various programs. These targets are then divided into milestones and you can reward them for achieving a certain milestone which makes selling transparent. And they no longer have to wait for the morning stand-up calls or evening review calls to know how they are performing. The best part is, you can build custom programs without any coding for your best or “can do better” performers.

This takes me back to the time when I was heading sales for a global telecom giant where my geography had about 12 agencies with approximately 300 Sales personnel selling sim cards, every single day. We would have short stand-up calls of an hour in the morning and a detailed 2 hour at the end of the day which was beyond their working hours to discuss agency-wise achievements. They sold around 450 sim cards per day in their 8-hour work shift which is 55 sims per hour. Having a digitized system like Compass would have saved one hour of morning stand-up every day and we could have potentially sold 10-15% more sims per day let alone the time and effort that we could have saved by ruling out the horrifying 2-hour call at the end of the day. It would have helped us monitor sales in real-time, nudge salespeople to sell more, and engage with them real-time. All this against waiting for all of them to connect on a call after the day ends when they cannot really do much to make up for the lost time.

With this revolution brought forth by the tech gods, sales teams can achieve what they are meant to, without wasting their time setting goals in daunting goal sheets or attending 3 hours of review calls every single day.

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