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Accelerate sales through our gamification software, with zero payout hassles. Transform your sales incentive programs into entertaining and engaging games. Unlock the power of gamification to increase sales, simplify complex incentive plans, and motivate your sales team with Compass.

Why gamification is the best sales way to improve sales team performance

Imagine your salespeople as real, life football players. What they need is not only a good coach, but also something that ignites the fire in their hearts and makes them work harder for better results — the sense of competition and chase for achievements. In fact, a healthy dose of competition brings out the best in people and enables everyone to perform at their peak levels. That’s why having a sales gamification software is considered as the best way to improve the performance of sales teams.

How does the gamification mechanics by Compass helps the sales reps sell more?

Compass, our holistic sales gamification software equipped with tools for incentive programs design, target-setting, milestone-based interactive game templates, live sales gamification dashboards, programme analytics, and a global rewards catalogue with more than 16,000+ options to choose from, which aids people-first organisations in effectively managing incentive programmes. With Compass, you can design sales programs with no-code building blocks by defining variables and logic in under 10 minutes. You can choose from engaging game templates.

Gamifying incentive programs to build a successful sales team

You can choose from a number of sales incentive programs offered by Compass. The amusing part is that most of them can easily be made into games because they are based on numbers. Specific objectives, such as sales volume or retention rates, might be targeted through incentives. Your business's strategic orientation is developed with the aid of these benefits. Achieving daily goals or plans for a salesperson or business moves you closer to the end result.

These well-known examples show how to make your sales incentive programmes into entertaining games.

  • Target-Based Programs: To affect performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • Programs based on competition: To impact competition both inside and between teams.
  • Special Plans: To affect a certain KPI, product sales, the season, or stock clearance.
  • Cascading Incentive Programs: Highly effective in affecting performance at the end.

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

Gamification Can Make Your Team Do More!

Compass, our sales gamification software can expertly manage your incentive programs from start to finish, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Performance scorecards & leaderboards

Utilize public recognition and live scorecards to celebrate victories of all sizes. Increase visibility, engagement, and recognition with scorecards for performance that can be displayed on participants' mobile applications and as dashboards on TV displays. 

Tracking individual performance and team progress in an engaging visual manner will encourage healthy competition among the participants. In addition, participants can easily see where they stand and how far they are from the win with our sports-style sales gamification dashboards & leaderboards.

Complete goals & acquire badges with fun game templates

It is simpler to accomplish significant goals when they are divided into smaller milestones. Encourage participants to work harder so they can attain the milestones. Configure badges, certificates, emojis and more to celebrate these small accomplishments. Use gamified templates to set up missions and challenges to encourage healthy competitiveness. Bingo, milestones, racing, and counters are a few games offered in Compass.

Gamified notifications & nudges

Send participants prompts and notifications with the context in real-time. These could include custom triggers based on achievements, notifications of company announcements, the release of new games, changes to the target, or group messaging.

Earning past performance and winning opportunities

You may create a culture that values performance and earnings by highlighting income trends, opportunities, and other factors. Our performance dashboards turn your raw achievements data into actionable performance insights to help push participants to do more. We can assist you in making wise, strategic decisions and improving performance since our AI-based algorithm learns from historical data and gives suggestions for implementation and earning improvements.

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Give your Incentive Programs a touch of Gamification with Compass

With Compass, our API-first sales gamification software and platform, you can instead launch, calculate, and pay sales incentives through automated processes and reduce the reliance on spreadsheets.