Reduce the attrition of your delivery network with earnings visibility

Increase efficiency among delivery executives by offering real-time updates on their ​Incentives post-delivery, enabling them to complete deliveries on time.
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KPIs for warehouse & delivery

Design and launch incentive plans with KPIs you want to accelerate, including delivery time, number of orders delivered, ratings, first delivery rate, and more.
Enable your warehouse manager to save 48+ hours

Create a streamlined process for your warehouse team, including managers, inventory control specialists, etc., to collaborate without needing to learn complex formulas.

Metrics visibility for delivery agents across a network

Offer delivery executives a customized parameter view for efficient performance, accommodating diverse backgrounds without requiring them to understand all of the complex parameters.

Eliminate manual errors by Ops team

Save your operations team from making billion-dollar mistakes by centralizing the data across teams like shipping, warehouse, customs, delivery, customer support and more.
Centralize data from SAP, IBS, DCR, and more

Complete data governance by maintaining quality, privacy, and security by unifying data from core logistics and delivery CRM, ERP, and other relevant databases.

100% accurate incentives for entire logistics network

Ensure error-free incentive calculations and payouts for both internal operations and external sales, regardless of the scale or complexity of your calculation parameters

Earnings visibility for every delivery

Your delivery agents travel thousands of kilometres or miles daily to keep your customers happy with on-time delivery. Reward such labour-intensive work with transparency into future earnings.
Incentive calculation before every delivery

Enable them to calculate their incentives for the next delivery with an earnings calculator with the KPIs assigned to them, including delivery time, KMs covered, etc.

Increase morale among your delivery network

Provide granular visibility for the agents on how they are performing to ensure they hit those targets assigned to them with personalized dashboards on their app.

ICM software built for ​logistics and delivery organizations

Explore a comprehensive suite of features aimed at significantly reducing the time ​and cost spent in managing incentive compensation programs.
Logistics metrics

Pay incentives based on any of the metrics you see fit, including load count, shipments, profit per load, new customers, etc.

Clawback provisions

Initiate clawbacks and recover agents or advisor commissions for cancelled or unsuccessful deliveries, breach of contract, and more.

Escalation handling

Centralize all the queries and disputes concerning incentive calculations and payouts with the ability to approve or reject.

Performance tracking

Track and optimize each territory's performance using comparison methods like plan vs metrics, trends and more.

Mobile App

Provide visibility to incentive structures and KPIs assigned to the delivery executive with dedicated plan document tabs in a mobile app.

CS metrics

Incentivize the customer support or success team to handle delivery queries and shipment details as early as possible.

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No more spreadsheets or manual calculations

Experience the agility and simplicity of spreadsheets with power of automation at scale. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to build, launch, and optimize sales commission plans without technical expertise.

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85+ Integration options

Centralize your sales data from any number of data sources under a single platform. Our talented tech team will help you integrate your data from any database like SAP, Oracle, MYSQL, etc in no time.

Connect the sales incentive data from SAP platforms.
Centralize your sales commissions and channel incentive data
MS dynamics 365
Integrate and track scheme performance in real-time
Link your sales commission data with the SQL tables.
Connect data with Compass’s SFTP through a seamless process.
Google Sheets
Stop doing manual data entry by connecting sheets with Compass.

Enterprise-Grade data security and privacy management

Data protection is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.