New Hampshire Area code

Discover the ins and outs of New Hampshire's area codes and which regions they serve with our comprehensive guide. From the bustling city of Manchester to the tranquil shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, we'll give you the information you need to stay connected and informed no matter where you are in the Granite State.

How many area codes does New Hampshire have?

Area code of New Hampshire

New Hampshire has only one area code, which is 603. This area code covers the entire state and is used for both landline and mobile phone numbers. Despite being a relatively small state, New Hampshire has a diverse population with several urban and rural areas, making it important to have a unified area code system. The 603 area code has been in service since 1947 and is expected to remain the only area code for the state in the foreseeable future.

List of all New Hampshire area codes

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History of the location

Frequently Asked Questions about New Hampshire Area code

1. What is the current area code for New Hampshire?

The current area code for New Hampshire is 603. This area code was established in 1947 and covers the entire state.

2. Will New Hampshire be getting a new area code soon?

There have been no plans announced by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) to add a new area code for New Hampshire. However, with the increase in population and the proliferation of cell phones, it is possible that a new area code may be added in the future.

3. How do I know if a phone number is from New Hampshire?

If a phone number has a 603 area code, it is from New Hampshire. However, it is important to note that some phone companies may allow customers to keep their original area code even if they move to a different state.

4. Can I keep my current phone number if I move to New Hampshire?

Most likely, yes. If you are moving within the same area code or to a nearby area code, you can usually keep your current phone number. However, if you are moving from a different state or a faraway area code, you may need to get a new phone number.

5. What are some interesting facts about the New Hampshire area code?

  • The New Hampshire area code was one of the original 86 area codes established in 1947.
  • In 2013, New Hampshire was ranked as having the highest percentage of cell phone-only households in the United States, with 46.5% of households relying solely on cell phones.
  • In some areas of New Hampshire, particularly in the northern parts of the state, cell phone coverage can be limited due to the mountainous terrain.

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