An online medicine dispensary platform gets a frictionless sales experience










The company's small yet fully-charged sales team brought in orders daily. What the company lacked was a single source to maintain and track sales records.

  • Order details, transactions, commission plans, sales targets, and quotas were captured manually and discussed in an email. This made communication and collaboration complex and ineffective.

  • Sales managers faced difficulties analyzing orders and team's performance against commission plans, while sales members had little visibility into their targets or earnings.

The team needed a solution to consolidate their sales data and save time by running efficient commission plans.


Compass worked closely with the company’s sales team to streamline its sales commission process.

Data integration
At the outset, Compass helped the sales team consolidate sales records from multiple sources in a single Google sheet. With the help of the one-click integration feature, all the required sales data is synced with Compass seamlessly.

Sales automation
The second step was to automate the sales commission process. Previously, the team ran commission programs where every step was done manually. The sales team got much time back with Compass as the commission setup, calculation, and approval process was automated end-to-end.


  • For managers
    Automation freed up time for managers to focus on other critical business objectives. Now, they have one source to track sales numbers, transactions, and team performance
  • For sales members
    Each member has complete visibility into their targets and earnings. By this, they can now plan and optimize their outreach to achieve targets


The Company is an online medicinal cannabis dispensary platform. With 32,000 Sq/feet capacity, they are located in Oklahoma City in the United States. They specialize in offering medicinal cannabis and help people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.

Sales team: 5 to 6 members

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Sales automation

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An online medicine dispensary platform gets a frictionless sales experience