Track and manage your incentive compensation program with a unified solution

Attribute the sales commissions to the right individual team members or departments, reducing disputes over commission or incentive payouts.
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Launch custom plans with ease

Design and launch incentive plans personalized to align with your organization's unique sales structures, products, and goals with a no-code platform.
Build short and long term programs

Create incentive programs within minutes and launch them to your sales network, such as trade promotions with pre-built templates and themes.

Centralize data sources

Integrate any number of data sources into Compass and centralize your sales data. It allows you to identify and focus more energy on the high-performing channels.

Motivate with visibility into future earnings

Enable sales teams to get real-time updates after closing each sale and forecast future earnings. Approve earnings on-time and ensure accurate payouts.
Utilize AI-powered tools

Send personalized time and event-based notifications and nudges for various scenarios like completion rates, immediate deadlines, etc.

Reduce payout disputes

Provide complete transparency into how incentives are calculated and send personalized notifications whenever there are changes in the incentive structure to build trust.

Track performance with real-time insights

Gain complete visibility into the KPIs across regions, products, executives, etc. Make data-driven decisions with advanced reports and live updates.
Analyze with advanced comparison reports

Easily provide reports on the most critical KPIs. Configure reports with visualization options like metrics vs. plans, region-wise tracking, and more.

Empower with live performance updates

Provide granular visibility for the agents on how they are performing to ensure they hit those targets assigned to them with personalized dashboards on their app.

Enterprise-grade features for scale and complexity

Compass has developed a comprehensive suite of features and functionalities aimed at significantly reducing the time and cost spent in managing incentive compensation programs.

Joins and Unions
Multi-user editing
Plan Documents
Audit log exports
Email notifications
Manager coaching views
Detailed audit logs
SOC compliance
CSV Export

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No more spreadsheets or manual calculations

Experience the agility and simplicity of spreadsheets with power of automation at scale. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to build, launch, and optimize sales commission plans without technical expertise.

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85+ Integration options

Centralize your sales data from any number of data sources under a single platform. Our talented tech team will help you integrate your data from any database like SAP, Oracle, MYSQL, etc in no time.

Link your sales commission data with the SQL tables.
Connect data with Compass’s SFTP through a seamless process.
Google Sheets
Stop doing manual data entry by connecting sheets with Compass.
Connect and sync HubSpot to view deals in real-time.
Keep your incentives up-to-date by pulling your data from Salesforce
Import data from your SAP platform to Compass in real-time.
Zoho CRM
Connect and sync Zoho CRM and automate calculations.
Add to Zoho CRM
Bring in workflows, KPIs and custom fields from Close CRM.
MS Teams
Send alerts and notifications to sales-reps on high-revenue deals.

Enterprise-Grade data security and privacy management

Data protection is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.