Data Integrations

Everything you need to know about integrations

In today’s competitive business ecosystem, it is of paramount importance to have a one-stop-shop to concatenate all the operations of different departments, such that it gives those working in the organization a complete picture of the interactions.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one such important tool.

It is a platform that integrates all of your departments, from marketing to sales to customer support, and brings their notes, actions, and analytics together in one place. But, as the name suggests CRM has an inherently customer-oriented use case which makes it the perfect choice for taking customer acquisition decisions and managing the external stakeholders. To ensure that there is a seamless process pertaining to transactions of the internal stakeholders (employees), Compass has built a solution that is not only easy to administer but is also a gamified way to automate incentive payouts. It is compatible with integration with a plethora of CRM software such as, Leadsquared, etc.

Here is a complete guide about how Compass makes CRM integrations simpler and enhances the efficiency of your workforce.

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