Sales commission & automation

Why sales automation is critical for start ups

You’re a startup CEO and founder and you are probably figuring out sales. You just want to work on your solution development, make it as good and useful as possible. You want to have a good team that is satisfied with their scope of work and earnings, as well as their colleagues. Those two goals are hard enough for themselves. And sales is a critical part. That is exactly what keeps the product afloat and helps you become a large enterprise and you've hired the right kinds of people who will thrive in sales at a startup.

You have a sales team that can sell. And have grown with their support. While you might have an HRMS for rolling out their salaries, payslips, and recording leaves, calculating their commissions and rolling out programs is still something that one of your executives does. While you may not believe it, but delayed and incorrect incentives are the #1 reason why sales reps leave.

Here's our take on why sales automation is critical for start-ups.

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