Seamlessly integrate with your existing tech stack

Compass enables you to connect and centralize your sales data from tools of your choice, including platforms like CRM, ERP, HCM, and more.
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Compass integrates with SFTP seamlessly and without any coding. It's an automated solution that fetches client data from the client's or Compass SFTP server and transfers it to Compass. SFTP is an industry-standard protocol that's cost-effective and easy to implement.

Track incentives seamlessly with real-time updates for each sale

Unified Platform

Automate the data transfer to Compass, removing the requirement for manual input when deals are added to the pipeline.

Focus on selling

Connect your sales data using SFTP with Compass and ensure error-free sales commission calculations and on-time payout disbursals.

Performance visibility

Provide real-time tracking of quota attainment rate, potential earnings for each deal, and other key performance metrics for admin and sellers.

Centralize your sales data in a few easy steps

Using SFTP you can integrate and centralize your transactional data to ensure real-time calculations and deal updates.

Connect your database

Our expert tech team will work with you to bring in your data from the database of your choice. Data protection is of utmost importance to us so we ensure a smooth transition.

Map Fields

Once the integration is done, you can immediately map the necessary fields. Additionally, you can introduce new fields if any required information is absent from your current database.

Create incentive programs

Upon configuring your database, you can create multiple sales commission programs. Compass guarantees real-time database updates, ensuring accurate incentives.


Improve data accuracy with the power of AI

Centralize your sales data from any number of data sources under a single platform. Our talented tech team will help you integrate your data from any database like SAP, Oracle, MYSQL, etc in no time.

Link your sales commission data with the SQL tables.
Connect data with Compass’s SFTP through a seamless process.
Google Sheets
Stop doing manual data entry by connecting sheets with Compass.
Connect and sync HubSpot to view deals in real-time.
Keep your incentives up-to-date by pulling your data from Salesforce
Import data from your SAP platform to Compass in real-time.
Zoho CRM
Connect and sync Zoho CRM and automate calculations.
Add to Zoho CRM
Bring in workflows, KPIs and custom fields from Close CRM.
MS Teams
Send alerts and notifications to sales-reps on high-revenue deals.


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Compass is an integral part of the sales ecosystem. While you’re helping your clients set up CRM, call recording, and coaching tools, Compass allows them to track their performance and commissions.

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Enterprise-Grade data security
and privacy management

Data protection is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to providing a safe, secure, and compliant loyalty ecosystem for enterprises with the highest standards of data security and privacy across storage, exchange, collection, and processing.