Eliminate manual processes with our automated sales incentive calculation system

Say goodbye to manual and error-prone incentive calculation processes. Introducing Compass, our automated sales incentive calculation system - designed to streamline and optimize your sales incentive calculations. With our cutting-edge technology, you can easily track and manage sales performance, automate incentive calculations, and make data-driven decisions that drive growth and improve efficiency. Say hello to smarter sales incentive management with our automated system.

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Why does your incentive calculation system not work optimally?

Designing an end-to-end incentive calculation system requires a thorough understanding of numerous sales incentive plans and their underlying logical structure.  It is challenging to develop a flexible system where requested adjustments and new requirements are promptly implemented. Most in-house incentive calculation systems can’t incorporate even minor changes and require an overhaul in their entire process.

Use Compass to optimize your incentive calculation system

Compass can figure out the budget, decide which awards to hand out, and define the rules (based on customer size, deal size, etc.), to automatically hand out accurate incentive payouts. Our low-code components adapt to your business needs and help calculate millions of records on a daily or ongoing basis effortlessly. With Compass, you can select a game template from various options, define KPIs, and create logic with rules, variables, & conditions. Drive behaviors that power business results with automated incentive systems.

Use Compass to make your incentive calculation system smarter

Compass can help you create sales rep-friendly programs by streamlining even the most complicated incentive systems.

  • Compass creates a straightforward, gamified incentive strategy that is simple to follow while maintaining openness between salespeople.
  • Minimize manual work and automate time-taking and error-prone processes. 
  • Considers complex data structures and integrates pointers like roster, territory, quota, and credit information.
  • Automate daily management of the sales function by providing custom nudges and helping drive more efficiency. 

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

Compass: An automated incentive calculation system

Compass revolutionises your incentive calculation system with compensation management, quota management and planning, advanced analytics, and gamification.

Automate complex sales incentive calculations

No coding or spreadsheets are required. Save time and eliminate the burden of accurately computing complex sales commissions.

  • Automate complex commission and incentive systems and avoid slow disbursements and payment errors.
  • Calculate rewards for thousands of records efficiently.
  • Format agnostic data and import it in your preferred format.
  • Use our program builder to build flexible payout structures and different incentive components.

Gamify your incentive calculation system

Compass offers you various sales incentive programs that can be quickly turned into games.

  • Run sales competitions and weekly bonanzas where salespeople can earn rewards if they hit goals at the end of the week or month.
  • Compare team performance to that of their competitors via leaderboards, level maps, live scores, and earnings.
  • Give salespeople timely nudges to remind them of their performance.
  • Display achievements to other team members with badges.

Get real-time insights that aid in decision-making

Access any data with Compass to configure any real-time report you need. 

  • Powerful, real-time insights along with predictive analytics to help you plan better - across teams and the organization.
  • Utilize intelligence from past programs to optimize tagets, and incentive payouts.
  • Get data points in graphical representation and simulate business metrics based on historical data.

Live scorecards for your sales team

Scorecards and leaderboards foster a competitive workspace so your team is motivated to do more.

  • Highlight specific groups to influence tail-end performance, high achievers, or PIP programs.
  • Showcase opportunities to provide competition within the team as well as across teams.
  • Get transparent calculations with earning history, transaction details, and more.

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