Gamify your sales team leaderboard to breakdown performance hurdles

Are you finding it hard to streamline complex incentive and commission structures for your sales team? Do you want to improve the performance of your revenue-driving teams? Then create a solid competitive environment with our powerful sales leaderboard software. Compass enables your employees to get detailed insights about their performance and access an accurate sales team leaderboard.

Turbocharge your sales teams with a professional sales leaderboard tool

With a scaling workforce, you must ensure a positive driving factor that can help your workforce put in the extra effort in their sales work. One impactful way to increase competitive spirit of your team is by gamifying the process. It can help the underperformers look at the achievers and improve their day-to-day sales output. Moreover, there’s an added responsibility for the leaderboard top achievers to maintain their position for upcoming sessions. And that’s where you need to have a professional sales leaderboard software which can perform real-time calculations based on the sales results and help your team to strive forward with utmost dedication. 

What can Compass do for your sales team leaderboard program

Compass is a holistic sales leaderboard tool, enabling your team to view the leaderboard positions within a few clicks. They can also view their in-depth performance results compared to other team members. The sales leaderboard software also provides additional sales management features like automating sales incentive programs, from launching sales programs to calculating and paying incentives based on the performance on the leaderboard. Our sales leaderboard software, Compass, can help you provide an accurate and clear sales team leaderboard view to your employees, who can check their rankings based on their performance. Your sales reps can access real-time visibility into performance, commission information, and on-time payouts.

An agile and accurate sales leaderboard software that gamifies sales ops

Gamify your sales ops and add a sense of competition and chase for achievements to improve the performance of your sales team.

  • Create gamified programs and assist your team to analyze their leaderboard position based on different business metrics. 
  • Choose different pre-built templates to create a result-oriented program that can assist you in converting sales incentive programs into entertaining games. 
  • From target to competition-based programs, from special plans to cascading incentive-based programs, you have the freedom to create it all.

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Compass offers an extra-edge to your complex incentive and commission structures

Compass is a professional sales leaderboard tool that offers various exclusive features that can enhance your sales productivity and results. It can sprinkle a motivational vibe across your sales workforce to raise the sales leaderboard and unlock the rewards and incentives. 

Add gamification to your sales process

You may pique your sales team's competitive spirit by enabling your sales force to compare their performance with other colleagues via leaderboards, live scores, level maps, and earnings. Compass offers the features to 

  • Display accomplishments with badges that can transform the existing sales plan execution and management approach. 
  • Give salespeople timely nudges highlighting their performance and position in the leaderboard. 
  • Your sales team can break long-term objectives into different manageable short-term goals. 
  • Powerful, real-time insights help you plan better across teams and the organization.

Sales data can be synced across the ecosystem

Simply integrate with a spreadsheet, CRM, ERP, or DMS to help sync sales data across your business ecosystem. 

Keep the sales ops going without interrupting the workflow. Integrate with existing tools to automate the sales process, and bypass hiccups with round-the-clock support.

  • You can save time and eliminate the hassle of calculating complex sales commissions without errors. 
  • The sales leaderboard app enables employees to check their workforce performance in real-time and optimize their work approach to improve their position in the sales leaderboard. 

Set targets and optimize your team's performance

Defines your sales targets and automates incentive disbursals based on recurring or one-time achievements without errors or delays. 

  • Compass can assist you in making strategic decisions and improving the performance of your workforce. 
  • Our AI-based algorithm learns from previous results and gives suggestions for implementation improvements.

Accurate leaderboard results

With no-code components, calculate billions of records daily with no errors. 

  • The sales leaderboard software is highly secure and is ISO, SoC2, and GDPR certified to minimize compliance burdens for your business. 
  • Get leaderboard results without tampering.

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