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Jan 22, 2020

8 Proven Strategies To Motivate Sales Teams

It will take more than trendy quotes and photos of business icons to keep your team motivated. Fortunately, there are a number of proven tactics to provide your sales team with the motivation they need.

Providing the proper motivation for a sales team is a key component to realising long-term sales success. It will take more than trendy quotes and photos of business icons to keep your team motivated. Fortunately, there are a number of proven tactics to provide your sales team with the motivation they need.

Strategies to Motivate Your Sales Team

1. Build trust with team members

Trust is an absolute necessity for motivation. Team members lacking faith in their leadership are unlikely to achieve inspired success. The sales manager should create trust from the beginning of the relationship. The members should, then,  nurture this trust continuously. Honesty and transparency are essential building blocks to trust.

2. Let team members decide management style

Sales managers need to be flexible with their management style. It's always beneficial to understand that each individual is unique. Individuals should adapt suitable management styles. Team members will appreciate a sales manager who is willing to adapt their management style to fit the needs and personalities of members.

3. Be attentive to goals of team members

You will need to know what drives the efforts of team members before you are able to motivate them. Understand what each member of your team wishes to accomplish in both their business and personal lives. This action will serve two purposes. First, you will gain a better insight into what kind of person you are managing. And secondly, you will have a better idea of what types of things will prove motivational for the person.

4. Be sure team members take care of basic needs

The efforts of team members will suffer if they are not mindful of their basic human needs. The success or failure of your sales team could very well come down to eating, sleeping, and exercise habits of team members.
when team members become too consumed with thoughts of success in their work life, these needs are sometimes neglected . This approach many times will have the opposite effect, however. The team member that does not eat and rest properly over a period of time may find that tasks like virtual bookkeeping become more cumbersome.

5. Set regular goals

Different goals drive different people. You might find that some team members respond to contests between team members. The role certain people play in team success as a whole motivates them. And for some, the motivation could simply be money. Incentives should be put in place to motivate employees based on their preferences, daily, weekly, and monthly .

6. Find the issue

A sales manager is responsible for two distinct types of motivation: the motivation of the individual and the motivation of the group. When sales are sagging, you should determine how many of your team members seem to be discouraged. If the number is small, these individuals probably have individual issues that need to be addressed. If more than just a couple of team members are low in spirits there could be a team-wide problem.

7. Allow team members to choose rewards

Who better to pick rewards for well-performing salespeople than the salespeople themselves? A rep that picks his own sales target, the time frame to achieve the sales goal, and a reward that is reasonable, will have plenty of motivation to achieve the goal.

8. Group rewards

At times, the best rewards will be the rewards your sales team can enjoy as a group. A team lunch, office party, or awards ceremony will provide a boost to the morale of team members. The group's efforts as a whole should be acknowledged from time to time. This will instill pride and provide motivation to maintain the standard that is set.

The success of your sales team is more probable if there is proper motivation for each of the members. The performance of sales teams is a critical business driver since they are the revenue generators of the organizational value chain. The above-given tips will help establish a solid foundation for building and maintaining the morale of team members.

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