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Dec 19, 2022

15 Thoughtful and Appropriate Christmas Gifts for Vendors

It is that time... You need to buy Christmas gifts for the vendors who support your business. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a few great options.

While Christmas is a time for giving and love, what about vendors? What are some great gift ideas that vendors can get their clients to show just how appreciative they are of them? It's true that the various gift cards and packaged presents that make up the bulk of Christmas gifts from clients don't really do vendors justice. 

So if your favorite vendor is on your list this year, think outside the box and come up with some creative (but awesome) Christmas gifts for vendors to show them just how much you appreciate all that they do.

Keep reading to learn a few alternatives to pick from if you're looking for personalised gift ideas for vendors that stand out and are guaranteed to wow.

15 Unique Christmas gifts for vendors to acknowledge their support 

We have highlighted some of the interesting and thoughtful products that you might want to gift your vendors. This festive season show your vendors that you care for them.

1. A business card holder

Anything to make a workstation more interesting would be welcomed. If you offer your vendor a two-toned pine wood business card holder, they may remember you every time they hand out one of their business cards.

2. Hand-bound pocket notebooks

Everyone takes notes, whether at a meeting or when they have a great idea. Get your merchant some that are distinctive and small enough to put in a pocket.

3.  A mix of coffee blends

While practically every business has a coffee machine, the majority of them do not provide high-quality coffee. For self-proclaimed coffee enthusiasts, the Bean Box sampler contains four expert-selected roasts from across the world, as well as taste notes and brewing recommendations.

4. A bottle that maintains temperature

This bottle's temperature control mechanism will provide your vendor with the proper water temperature. So they may drink icy water in the summer and hot coffee in the winter.

5. A gift basket

This elegant assortment of chocolate, macaroons, crackers, and biscuits allows you to express your gratitude to your vendor. It's perfect for sending to a whole office, just like the fortune cookies.

6. Baked goods

Is there anything more enticing than the aroma of freshly baked goodies in your home? Yes, there is, and it is the delectable aroma of baked products in your house. Send your customer a surprise delivery of fresh pastries or doughnuts, and they will be grateful.

7. Headphones

Headphones aren't simply for annoying youngsters who listen to loud music. Quality headphones are useful for office workers and business professionals.

8. Custom notebooks

Custom notebooks are an excellent vendor gift since they are a valuable, practical item that your vendors will use on a daily basis. Remember that the more frequently suppliers utilize your presents, the more frequently they will be reminded of your company. You may also purchase environmentally friendly notebooks for your vendors. Alternatively, some notebooks include a matching pen that may be customized with a personalized logo or business name. 

9. Metal USB flash drives

If you're looking for a unique present for a busy professional, personalized metal USB flash drives are a great option. You may even have bespoke USB flash drives made with your company's primary color. As a result, your vendors will immediately link their fresh new flash drives with your company.

10. Tumblers

Tumblers are also an excellent vendor present. Most people would appreciate receiving a high-quality tumbler to use as a coffee mug. This is especially true when throwaway coffee cups become less popular as more people want to preserve their coffee in eco-friendly tumblers. Even better, you'll be able to choose tumblers with convenient lids to keep liquid from leaking.

11. Smartphone grips

Because most people carry their cell phones with them throughout the day, you may want to consider obtaining bespoke phone grips for your suppliers. You can also buy phone grips that serve as a phone stand, allowing your present recipients to place their smartphones to view movies or stream television shows. One advantage of giving away smartphone grips is that other people are more likely to inquire about your company or brand and its variety of products and services.

12. Messenger bags

If you want to give your suppliers a more stunning and significant gift, consider bespoke messenger bags. Messenger bags are an excellent present since they are huge, expensive-looking item that is also functional and can be used on a regular basis. Your suppliers may even use the messenger bag provided by your company as their daily work bag. They might even squeeze a laptop inside their new messenger bag.

13. Tech pens

Tech pens have two purposes. They may function as pens as well as styluses on touch-screen devices like smartphones and tablets. Because styluses are often misplaced, your vendors will appreciate getting tech pens as a present.

14. T-shirts

You'd be shocked at how many people like receiving free t-shirts. T-shirts are a wonderful seller present. When they wear the t-shirt you gave them out and about, they will serve as moving billboards for your company or brand.

15. Restaurant gift cards 

Who wouldn't want to eat their favorite foods in their favorite restaurant? Investigate the greatest locations to dine in your vendor's neighborhood, or better still, ask them which restaurant they'd like to try and offer them a certificate to enjoy there. This is bound to work out.


If you truly want to wow your vendors and suppliers, include modest presents inside their new messenger bag, such as custom pens and a bespoke notepad. When they unzip their bag to investigate it, they'll discover more nice presents from your company. If you manage to impress your vendors, they will remember your company and advocate for your brand in the future. 

Tailor your Holiday Gift Boxes with a Touch of Personalization

Make the holiday season bright for your vendors and channel partners with personalized gifts that they can cherish forever!

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