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Dec 21, 2022

24 Unique New Year Gifts for Channel Partners to Thank Them

Below are some Christmas gift ideas for channel partners. These gifts will help you improve your relationship with them and to make them profitable.

One of the crucial thing in business is creating solid relationships with your channel partners, and the Christmas season is the best time of year to celebrate these vital connections. The holidays are the ideal time to express your thanks and best wishes to those who do business with you all year long. A small gesture may establish lifelong relationships.

Therefore we bring to you 10 remarkeble gifting ideas to gift your amazing channel partners this Christmas.

24 Best ​​New Year Gifts for Channel Partners

1. Clock

A clock is a great realistic and meaningful gift to give to your business partner. Depending on your business partner's workspace, you can purchase either a desk clock or a clock that mounts to the wall. If you and your partner frequently work with clients or employees in various time zones, look for clocks that simultaneously display the time in multiple cities or nations.

2. Snow globe

A snow globe can help your business partner make his workspace more interesting. Select a snow globe that has meaning for both of you, such as a globe from a city you've traveled to together for business. You can also create a customized snow globe with your business partner's favorite song or an image of their family inside the globe.


3. Picture frame

A picture frame gives your business partner a stylish way to display photographs of their family or friends within their workspace. Look for either a wall-mount picture frame or one that sits on a desk. If you have a more personal relationship with your partner, you could choose a picture to put inside the frame before you give it to them.


4. Desk organizer

Desk organizers can help your business partner keep their desks tidy and keep track of the exact location of each of their belongings. Some desk organizers focus on sorting files and loose papers. Others may help organize assorted office belongings, such as pens, tape, and sticky notes.


5. Portable speakers

Portable speakers can be both a practical and fun gift. Many portable speakers connect to a variety of technological devices, such as phones, music players, and computers. This means that your business partner could use the speakers to hear phone meetings more easily or to listen to their music. Some portable speakers are also waterproof, so your business partner could take them to a pool.


6. Candle

Candles can make a home or workspace more beautiful. Many candles also have pleasant fragrances. You could get your business partner a candle holder personalized with their name as well.


7. Work of art

A work of art can enhance the aesthetics of your business partner's workspace. Find a work of art in a style and medium that you think they might like. Consider your business partner's existing workplace design and the look of your offices when considering what type of artwork to buy.


8. Portable keyboard

A portable keyboard might be a splendid gift if your business partner spends a lot of time typing on a phone or tablet. Portable keyboards make sending business communications and other tasks much easier on smaller technological devices. Some portable keyboards also come with detachable mouses or ergonomic features, such as a place to rest your wrists.


9. Personal air purifier

A personal air purifier for your partner's desk might be a smart choice if they have allergies to airborne particles, such as pollen or dust mites. Many personal air purifiers also allow you to put in a scent cartridge that can make your office smell nicer. If your partner travels a lot, consider getting them a portable air purifier they can wear on a plane.


10. Paper shredder

A personal paper shredder can be helpful for a business partner who receives a lot of paper correspondence or mail. Many paper shredders can also handle more durable materials, such as outdated credit cards.


11. Office chair

Treat your business partner to a luxury office chair, such as one made from leather. If your business partner currently has a standard desk chair, a luxury office chair may help them work from a more comfortable position. Look for an ergonomic chair that can properly support spines.


12. Lap desk

If your partner works from home or likes to work from office sofas, consider getting them a lap desk. Lap desks make it easier to balance a laptop computer on your legs when you're on an armchair, sofa, or bed. A lap desk can not only increase productivity while sitting in a comfy location but also may help decrease the risk of your business partner's laptop overheating. Some lap desks can also be converted into laptop stands that adjust the height of a laptop on an office desk.


13. Membership for classes

Buying your business partner a membership pass to a set of classes makes a great and unique gift. Many businesses offer package deals for multiple classes, whether at a gym, art studio, or another facility. Try to choose an activity that your business partner has expressed an interest in but has yet to do.

14. Toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is a useful gift if your business partner travels frequently. Customize the toiletry bag with either your company's or your business partner's name. Look for toiletry bags made of materials that look nice and are durable.

15. Heated mousepad

If your business partner works in a colder environment or gets stiff fingers when sitting for long periods, consider getting them a heated mousepad. Heated mousepads typically have a USB cord, so they're portable and compatible with many electronic devices. You could also personalize the heated mouse pad with your company's name or logo.  

16. Stainless steel camp mug

Regardless of whether they prefer coffee or tea, these stainless steel camp mugs are excellent business partner presents since they keep hot beverages hot for eight hours and cold beverages cold for sixteen.


17. Personalized wine bottle

Wine is the go-to present for practically any event. Wine appears to be the preferred beverage for celebrating a wedding, housewarming, or job advancement. When it comes to major job milestones or Christmas gift-giving, nothing has changed. Discover the type of wine your channel partners prefers, then invest in a lovely bottle with a personalised label. If the winery your employer loves doesn't provide that option, you may have one manufactured and apply it on top of the original label. However, most internet retailers will do this for their own bottles. Or, for a complete package, combine the present with a set of personalised wine glasses.

18. Headphones or earbuds

Give headphones as a present if your channel partners travels a lot. These may be utilised at home, the office, and the gym, of course. Your employer could benefit from a pair of noise-canceling headphones on lengthy trips in order to block out distractions, focus on their job, or simply unwind for a while. Make sure they are portable enough to fit into a handbag or a briefcase and compare prices amongst manufacturers.

19. Wood Bluetooth Speaker

Reach for this excellent bespoke speaker if you're looking for extra high-end presents for business associates at a reasonable price. They may charge their phone as they listen to music by just setting it on top of the speaker.


20. Touch Pen with Stylus

Due to their practicality and inexpensive, personalised pens continue to be among the greatest presents for business associates. When you need to distribute presents to a sizable number of partners or executives, this is a terrific option.

21. Office Wall Art

Your leadership team still has interests outside of the workplace even though they will mostly discuss sales, growth, and ROI. Discover their areas of interest. Is it a building? Travel? Sports? Fashion? Choose a subtle piece of wall art that your channel partners may display in their workplace to give some flair. Get intriguing bookends, an engraved paperweight, or an award as an alternative to buying decor for the desk or shelves.

22. Themed gifts

Send a present with a beach theme, complete with a personalised tote bag, beach towel, and bucket hat, for instance, if your business is situated in an area with year-round sunshine. It can serve as a humorous invitation to schedule a face-to-face meeting as well as an amusing reminder of where you are.


23. Gift for the Weekend

A present that improves a channel partner's weekend experience is one of the nicest things you can give them. A grill and cooler combination is practical for outdoor activities like camping, road vacations, pool days, and just much any other exciting outing that doesn't involve checking emails, studying spreadsheets, or stressing about how much time is left in the office. It serves as both a gift and a prod toward achieving a healthy work-life balance.

24. Tickets to Awesome Events

These presents are ideal for those whose preferences, interests, and Christmas customs you are familiar with (or you can learn about easily). Do you notice how everyone around you is always chatting up upcoming opera, music concert, gallery opening, movie premiere, and other great events? Why you give your channel partners a surprise by giving them tickets to an event they wish to go to at this time?

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In business settings, corporate gifting is a prevalent practise. All gift-giving efforts, nevertheless, will be in vain if they aren't considered. The art and strategy of gift-giving over the holiday season are complex. We thus provide this list of effective gift suggestions for channel partners so that any company may stand out and strengthen ties.

Tailor your Holiday Gift Boxes with a Touch of Personalization

Make the holiday season bright for your vendors and channel partners with personalized gifts that they can cherish forever!

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