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Dec 19, 2022

20 Out-of-the-Box New Year Gifts for Sales Teams to Boost the Holiday Spirit

If you're looking for new year gift ideas for your salespeople, this is the post for you. There are a lot of new year's sales celebration recommendations around, and they are incomplete without some great gift ideas.

A little bit of appreciation may go a long way in a world where 63% of workers feel underappreciated by their employers on a daily basis.

Giving gifts is crucial for retaining your sales team's interest and preventing burnout because of this. We can also help if you're in search for a unique gift for the salesman in your life.

Do you have salespeople that you work with? Salespeople like to be acknowledged. Sending them New year gifts will help them remember you and your organization. And sending these messages with personalized New year wishes will add a cherry to the cake.

20 Unique New Year gifts for sales teams

Here is a list of New year gifts for salespeople that are perfect for the holiday season occasion, including.

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1. A Bluetooth headset

There are various reasonably priced headsets to pick from, making them a need for persistent cold callers in crowded companies. Even if your business currently offers these gadgets, you may give a top-performing representative a finer option as an incentive.

2. Mugs and Thermoses

Every salesman has a preferred beverage, whether it's coffee or an energy drink. In either case, insulated drinkware from companies like Yeti is revolutionary for maintaining beverages at the right temperature all day. You can customize the drinkwares to match the rest of your corporate swag. In the office, there can never be too many mugs, right?

3. A notebook or bullet journal

We are all guilty of looking at screens for the entire day, and salesmen are no different. Give your salesperson a break and a chance to organize their ideas by giving them a bullet notebook. Perhaps their sales notes will produce a spectacular pitch.

4. Snack boxes

To be effective and at the top of their game, people need to eat right. Offices may customize their snack boxes through subscription services like SnackNation, which emphasize foods that are great for the body and the mind. Look no further if you want to provide your devoted sales representatives with refreshments they will like.

5. Coffee boxes

A coffee subscription box could be the perfect solution for the salesmen you know who are constantly reaching for another cup of coffee. Teams may tailor their bundles and rate individual coffees with the help of Slack integration from businesses like Crema. Greetings from the future!

6. A gym membership

You definitely need to find a means to let go of your bottled-up energy when you spend the entire day at an office. A gifted gym membership might be the catalyst for your recipient to adopt a healthier lifestyle, even if they aren't much of an athlete. Many businesses gift gym memberships as an investment in their workers' well-being.

7. Travel kits

Traveling may be stressful for many reasons, and going through security shouldn't be one of them. Another present regular traveller will value are travel kits with TSA-friendly toiletries containers.

 8. A portable charger

A portable phone or tablet charger is an essential item for a traveling salesman to bring in their carry-on since it enables them to stay in touch during a long stopover or if they are left without access to an outlet for a longer period of time.

9. The latest gadget

The newest technology may make your tech-savvy salesmen feel like children on Christmas Day, from smartwatches to iPads and beyond.

10. Sporting tickets

There are probably some sports lovers in your group, professional or amateur, who would be ecstatic to get a pair of tickets for a game. If your sales staff doesn't have much opportunity to engage outside of the office, sporting events might serve as a great opportunity for team building.

11. Company getaways

Last but not least, think about giving your sales team workers the ultimate gift—a vacation—which they most likely need. There may be no greater way to express gratitude than to give someone a vacation, whether it be on their own time or during a business retreat.

12. A work-from-anywhere day

A change of environment might be beneficial for your sales team. Without sacrificing productivity, your team members can take breaks outside of their homes or places of employment.

13. Social shoutouts

A small amount of gratitude is always appreciated. Perhaps the conventional "employee of the month" campaigns are less successful now. Even yet, social shoutouts might be a welcome gift for your sales staff that won't unnecessarily inflame rivalry. Showing off your employees on social media, whether individually or corporately, simply takes a few seconds but might brighten someone's day.

14. Goal planner

Sales representatives use this goal planning diary to accomplish more and feel better every day.This is the ideal present for the self-starters in your life since it is made to keep its user responsible, goal-oriented, and effective.

15. Wi-Fi hotspot cufflinks

There is internet access wherever you are. It's an elegant idea. Additionally, since sales representatives are frequently on the move, dependable internet access is a must. There will be no more sneaking flaky internet from the hotel gym or the coffee shop across the street with the help of these wi-fi hotspot cufflinks.

16. iPhone laser pointer

While we're talking about presentations, how often have you wanted to draw attention to a certain section of your slide but been unable to locate the dreaded laser pointer? With the help of this little iPhone laser pointer plug-in, you'll never be without that useful red dot again. Additionally, it serves as a cat gift!

17. External charger

The worst scenario is when your phone, tablet, or laptop breaks down on you. When the scary red battery bar appears, an external charger will spare salespeople the worry of needing to locate a Best Buy in Omaha.

18. Balance ball chair

Whether you think sitting is the new smoking or not, it's obvious that spending too much time slumped over a desk is bad for you. Introducing the chair on a balancing ball. These chairs support better posture and spine alignment in addition to helping you ease back, leg, and arm discomfort.

19. Desk plants

If they like being outside or have a green thumb, this gift is a terrific choice. To bring nature within, use a low-maintenance succulent or terrarium.

20. Carry-on cocktail kits

Consider giving your salesmen a carry-on cocktail kit if they are frequently on the road. They will have everything they need to mix up an alcoholic beverage in flight. And it's certain to make their flight more enjoyable and to put them at ease.

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When sending Christmas gifts to salespeople, it's first and foremost important to think about what kind of message you're sending—and what image you want them to have of your company. Send something useful fun, and that they'll enjoy, as this will send them the message that they're valued. Hopefully, you've found some inspiration with these gift suggestions, so all that remains is sending out those Christmas gifts in style.

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