Use Compass to efficiently manage channel partner incentive programs

Are you struggling to attract and retain channel partners? worry not. Compass has got you covered. Automate your channel partner incentive programs and compensation calculations, build innovative channel incentive programs, and deliver accurate and timely payouts using Compass–no code sales incentive software.

Why are channel partners so essential for a business?

Channel partners have a massive contribution to the company’s indirect sales and can be anyone ranging from resellers, service providers, retailers, agents, vendors, logistics partners, or last mile delivery agents. Isn’t it better to leverage a partner’s existing consumers, who are your target customers, instead of trying to acquire and go through multiple layers of a sales funnel? What could be better? That’s why it is important to have good relationships with your channel partners. 

Incentive programs are the key to engaging channel partners

In a sense, channel partners are an extension of your sales team. However, they sell goods from various companies, so if you want to outperform your rivals, you must reward them. This is typically accomplished by paying dealers directly to promote your goods. Rewarding them makes the dealers more inclined to support your brand, which ultimately helps to sell your product. Channel partners already have a consumer base with the advantage of having strong personal relationships.

How can Compass helps in running channel partner incentive programs seamlessly

Compass can simplify the most complex incentive plans for your channel partners where you can publish incentive programs with game templates, publish live scorecards, enable one-click payments, encourage open and transparent communication through groups & communities, and get nudges & notifications for your channel partners to perform better and derive more insights with predictive analytics.

Digitizing and gamifying incentives with Compass has bought channel management efficiencies, cost-optimization, and increased motivation. In addition, it has made the distribution channel even more powerful, optimizing it.

What services does Compass has to offer you?

Compass helps run gamified incentive programs for sales reps and partners, including channels direct sales teams, direct sales agents, telesales teams, collections teams, connectors, and channel partners.

Automated sales incentive calculation

Compass is winning the battle of the best tools for managing incentives and compensation programs with its comprehensive suite of tools and services for channel partner incentive programs optimization. It is the ideal solution to save time and eliminate the burden of accurately computing complex incentives.

  • Automate elaborate commission systems
  • Calculate a considerable number of records quickly.
  • Eliminate payment mistakes and late disbursements.
  • Improved sales workflows.

Automate the distribution of your sales incentives to avoid delays

Define sales goals, and automate timely and error-free incentive payments based on accomplishments, either one-time or recurring. 

  • Set criteria and rewards based on targets.
  • Establish multi-level approvals.
  • Assemble a collection of non-code metrics.
  • Provide multi-payment and currency choices.

Run gamified channel incentive programs

We all know that sales is a tedious process but do you know that game-like elements can make it fun! Compass provides dashboards that visually represent accomplishments and progress, peer and organizational ranking, and badges.

  • Achievements can be displayed with badges.
  • Remind salespeople of their performance at appropriate times.
  • Launch intra-organizational inter-team competitions.
  • Organize monthly goals and long-term and shorter-term targets into more achievable goals.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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