Automate calculations with our commission payout software

Say no to mismatched commissions, to and fro corrections, and delay in payouts with Compass, our intelligent commission payout software. Now automatically manage the entire commission payout program, from incentive calculation to final dispense.

Is your commission payout program too complex?

It is challenging to create a flexible commission payout system where new changes and requests are incorporated quickly. Every minor adjustment requires major code overhauls or re-designs. Most in-house Commission Payout software lacks the unique architecture and the underlying logical structure of various incentives and compensation plans, resulting in increased cost and complexity.

With Compass have seamless commission payouts

Compass is no-code Commission Payout Software that builds complex incentive programs by defining variables and logic. With Compass, you can select game templates from many options, define KPIs, and create logic with rules, variables, and conditions. Drive sales team’s behavior that results in powerful business results. 

Commission payout software for enterprises that work at scale

We believe that the commission process should be seamless and work at scale, so you can spend your time designing plans that help your business. With Compass, spend less time paying and more time driving performance.

  • Multilingual: With dynamic content translation.
  • White-label & custom branding: End-to-end gamification experience.
  • DIY: Plug-and-play systems that can be deployed within a day.
  • Access & Admin console: Easy-to-use console for managing permissions, controls, and data.
  • Single Sign-on:  Seamless login from existing apps via SAML, ADFS, Onelogin, Okta, etc.
  • Secure: SoC2, ISO, and GDPR compliant with high-security standards.

Compass: The best commission payout software trusted by organizations worldwide

Compass: An end-to-end enterprise commission payout software

Compass can expertly manage and execute your commission payout programs from start to finish, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Complex commissions made easy

Automate and manage the sales team's commission payout program without spreadsheets. With Compass, save time and calculate complex sales commissions from setup to award calculation and distribution.

  • Error-free commission calculations and on-time disbursals at the click of a button.
  • Choose from multiple options like wire transfers, travel and gift cards.
  • Access earning history & transaction details and provide support on disputes.
  • Calculate the number of records quickly.

Publish commission payout programs in less than 10 Minutes

Your different sales programs transformed into games in under 10 minutes, to provide your sales team with fun, motivating competitions: 

  • Run special schemes and programs to influence specific KPI, product - sale, season, or stock clearance.
  • Special programs for tail-end performance, high achievers, or individuals under PIP.
  • Use Target-based programs to affect performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • Get cascading Incentive Programs for affecting performance at the tail-end.

All your commission payout data in one place

Our powerful reporting capabilities mean you get data-driven insights into the commission payout program’s effectiveness and sales team performance. Make better decisions with real-time visibility.

  • Simulate business metrics like incentive budgeting and business outcomes based on past data.
  • Pick data points and graphical representation to publish widgets. 
  • Utilize trends from previous commission payout programs to optimize targets and incentive payouts.

Connect to your business tools seamlessly 

You can integrate Compass via webhooks, APIs or SDKs. Link and add gate filters in case of multiple data sources.

  • Connect seamlessly with Spreadsheets, CRM, DMS, or ERP.
  • Set periodic targets (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly).
  • Define KPIs across sales teams.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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Travel & Leisure

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Sent Maximum Rewards within

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of implementing  automation workflows

Say no to complex traditional commission payout methods

Instead, use Compass, our API-first commission payout software. Rev up your sales engine with real-time access to performance data, commission details, and timely payouts.

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