Accurate commission tracking for insurance agents with our insurance commission software

No matter how you fit into the insurance industry—Agent, Broker, MGA, IMO, or other—we can improve your commission tracking, management, and accuracy. Compass allows you to track commissions/overrides and bonuses due to your agency and your agents.

Why is your insurance commission software not working?

It is often challenging for software to create a flexible system for insurance commissions. New changes and requirements need to be incorporated quickly to run processes efficiently. Most in-house insurance commission calculation software requires significant code overhaul or re-design–even for little changes that slow the entire process. This leads to subpar results and increased overhead costs. 

Compass: The reliable insurance commission software

Compensating insurance salespeople is complex and time-intensive. Insurance leaders must figure out their budget, decide which awards to hand out, and define the rules (based on customer size, deal size, etc.). Then they have to do complicated calculations in spreadsheets that are time-consuming and prone to manual errors. Compass is a low code, powerful incentive and commission management platform that handles all of the calculations behind closed doors so that you can focus on what's important—your team's results.

Enterprise-grade sales insurance commission software

We believe that the commission process should be seamless and work at scale, so you can spend your time designing plans that help your business. With Compass, spend less time paying and more time driving performance.

  • DIY: Plug-and-play systems that can be deployed within a day.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy-to-read dashboards that visually display the user’s completed sales, commissions earned, and leaderboard ranking.
  • Single Sign-on:  Seamless login from existing apps via SAML, ADFS, Onelogin, Okta, etc.
  • Secure: SoC2, ISO, and GDPR compliant with high-security standards.
  • Access & Admin console: Easy-to-use console for managing permissions, controls, and data.
  • Easy to scale: Our low-code components adapt to your business needs and help calculate millions of records on a daily or ongoing basis effortlessly.

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

Compass: An end-to-end insurance agents commission management system

Compass can automate the end-to-end of your insurance commission software right from planning the insurance incentives to the final payout. 

Streamlined commission management

No coding or spreadsheets are required. Save time and eliminate the burden of accurately computing complex sales commissions calcultions for your insurance agents.

  • Automate all commission payout tasks and remove manual bottlenecks.
  • Provide your agents with a single dashboard to view all their statements.
  • Get detailed insights with state of the art analytics. 
  • Project cash flows, deals and track active books of business
  • Provide transparent and timely payouts to agencies, brokers and staff.

Gamify your insurance commission system

Accelerate insurance sales through our gamification software, with zero payout hassles. Simplify the most complex insurance incentive plans. 

  • Publish sales programs with game templates in under 10 minutes.
  • Run special schemes to influence specific KPI, product - sale, season, or stock-clearance.
  • Get cascading programs for tail-end performance, high achievers or PIP Programs.
  • Run target based competition to influence weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly performance. 

Insurance commission software fit for agencies

Every stakeholder including - The Broker, IMO, agents or other can improve their commission payouts, accuracy and management with Compass.

  • No limitations on the number of defined rates or splits
  • Run one-time calculations with automated workflows across teams.
  • Predict insurance commission compensation spending with 99% accuracy.
  • Generate individualized reports with the click of a button.
  • Have continuous access to our customer support team.

Sync data with your everyday technology stack

Integrate Compass with the tools you already love - any ERP, CRM, HRMS, HCM, Spreadsheets or custom integration. Make it easy for everyone to connect and automate incentives.

  • Streamline all your existing insurance management tools into one system with Compass.
  • Connect to  CRM, ERP, or any other business applications and easily share data across platforms.
  • Get a customized reporting system and define your own team hierarchies. 
  • Connect real-time sales pipeline data with our solution to get accurate calculations.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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Say goodbye to old spreadsheets and say hello to Compass

Your insurance personnel can lose trust in you owing to the miscalculations that happen with excel and human intervention. Compass ensures that all your employees know the amount of commission they are being paid and the reason for it. Use Compass to automate the end-to-end of your insurance commission payout system. 

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