Get a flawless approach to sales compensation with our smart sales incentives distribution management software

Empower your business by equipping your CRM with automated sales compensation that provides performance data, commission details, and timely payouts. Create and optimize incentive compensation plans that drive your revenue and align with your business goals with Compass, our holistic sales incentive distribution management software.

The problem with most sales incentives distribution management software

Designing comprehensive sales incentives distribution management software requires a deep understanding of various incentives and compensation plans and their underlying logical structure. Most in-house sales incentives distribution management software fail at this and need a major overhaul to accommodate minor changes. 

Xoxoday Compass: The reliable sales incentives distribution management software

To compensate sales teams, leaders need to figure out their budget, decide which awards to hand out and define the rules (based on customer size, deal size, etc.). Even after this, they use spreadsheets to determine the exact compensation amount. Compass does all these calculations to ensure that you can focus on more productive tasks. With Compass, you can select game templates from many options, define KPIs, and create sense with rules, variables, and conditions without coding. Drive behaviours that power business results with engaging sales programs. 

Use Compass to create sales incentives distribution programs with massive participation rates

Compass helps create a sales-friendly program by streamlining even your most complicated incentive systems. It provides:

  • A fun, gamified incentive strategy that is simple to follow while fostering a culture of competitiveness among your team.
  • Provide milestones that reward high achievers and inspire the middle performers.
  • Run special programs for certain KPIs, product sales, seasons, and stock clearance.
  • Provide achievers with reward points they can use to purchase one of more than 20,000 digital gift cards worldwide.
  • No matter how intricate your sales incentives distribution plans are, Compass can seamlessly manage them from beginning to end.

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

What services does Compass offer?

No matter how intricate your sales incentives distribution plans are, Compass can seamlessly manage them from beginning to end.

Quickly automate complex sales incentive programs

Save time with no requirements for coding or spreadsheets. No more worrying about elaborate calculations of commission payouts.

  • Promote competition within the team as well as across teams. 
  • Eliminate payment mistakes and late disbursements.
  • Provide cascading programs to influence tail-end performance, high achievers, or PIP programs.
  • Get target-based programs to influence weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly performance.

Gamify your boring sales incentive plan

Navigate the sales team with gamification of complex sales programs with live scores, earnings, nudges, and trends.

  • Give timely nudges to the sales team to remind them of their performance.
  • Provide updates based on self-performance, participation in programs, or redemptions.
  • Encourage urgent actions on immediate earning opportunities, critical targets, missed deadlines, or redemption of earned points.
  • Promote immediate action by providing quick links like company announcements, leaderboard triggers, or tagging by an individual.

Real-time analytics for faster decisions

Robust, actionable insights and predictive analytics help you plan better - across teams and the organization.

  • Use data points and graphical representation to publish from a range of widgets.
  • Get predictive insights and utilize intelligence from past programs to optimize targets and incentive payouts.
  • Simulate business metrics like incentive budgeting and business outcomes based on past data.

Connect seamlessly with your tools

Automate the sales process by integrating already-in-use technologies, and handle any hiccups with round-the-clock support.

  • Compass integrates with your existing tools via webhooks, APIs, or SDKs.
  • Create reasoning with rules, variables, and conditions.
  • Define KPIs across sales teams.
  • Set recurring goals (daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly).

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Stop with the traditional  sales incentives distribution management methods

Instead, use Compass, our API-first sales incentive compensation software, to manage and automate processes, from initiating incentive plans to computing and disbursing bonuses.

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