Use Compass, our Sales Commission Software for Error-free Commission Payouts

Automate your sales commission calculation quickly. Create and optimize sales commission plans with ready-to-configure templates that drive sales. Make sales fun again with gamification using Compass, our holistic sales commission software.

What's the reason behind the downfall of normal sales commission management software?

Designing a comprehensive, flexible sales commission management software requires a unique architecture and a deep understanding of various sales commission plans and their underlying logical structure. Without this, it's challenging to create a flexible system where requested changes and new requirements are incorporated quickly. Most in-house commission calculation software requires significant code overhaul or re-design–even for little changes that slow the entire process, ultimately increasing sales compensation automation's cost and complexity.

Xoxoday Compass is the easiest sales commission software for teams that prioritize revenue

We automate the process of sales commission calculation, making it easy for sales managers to create and distribute sales commission plans based on industry-standard templates. We have built sales commission software that is simple to use yet powerful enough to include every nuance of a sales incentive plan. We make it easy to incentivize specific behaviors and track goals before they become a reality.

Our aim at Compass is to democratize sales commissions and incentives

The modern sales commission system is now digital, automated, and gamified. Our software helps sales organizations create incentive commission programs that help their reps sell more, boost their performance and loyalty, innovate and discover new technologies, and make smarter buying decisions.

Not just this, but Compass helps in automating sales incentives, simplifying the calculation, disbursing payouts, using gamification & leaderboards to add competitiveness, real-time insights & reporting dashboards, etc.

What services does Compass offer?

Compass, our sales commission management software, can expertly manage and seamlessly execute your incentives and compensation programs from start to finish, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Commission and incentive calculations are easier than ever

Spend less time on tedious computations and receive accurate commissions immediately. Regardless of complexity, you can set up your organization's commission plan using Compass's easy design—no restrictions on platforms.

  • Automate commission structures for sales reps.
  • Calculate thousands of records in seconds. 
  • Eliminate the cause of disengagement, i.e. payment mistakes and delayed disbursements.
  • Enhance the complex sales process with Compass.

Gamify your incentive and commission programs

Compass will turbocharge your salesforce with one-touch access to live scores, leaderboards, earnings, milestones, and trends. You can publish your sales programs with gamified templates.

  • Show accomplishments with badges for every milestone/level.
  • Send timely nudges and notifications to your sales reps to remind them about their performance.
  • Promote tournaments between the internal teams to boost their performance because of competitive spirit.
  • Monthly and short-term goals are easy to manage with Compass.

Improve decision-making with real-time insights

Move past commission schemes based on gut instinct. Instead, utilize data to understand better and execute your sales commission programs.

  • Get data points like sales incentives sent & redeemed in a graphical representation of data for better understanding.
  • Check historical data to imitate business metrics.
  • Get intelligence reports from your past sales incentives or commission programs to optimized targets and disburse payouts.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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Stop with the traditional sales commission plans

Instead, use Compass, our API-first sales commission management software, to manage and automate sales commission plans, from initiating to computing and disbursing bonuses. Opt for complete sales commission automation with Compass and not just glorified spreadsheets.

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