Simplify calculations with our sales incentive compensation management software

With real-time access to performance data, commission details, and timely payouts, you can rev up your sales engine. Manage and automate the whole sales incentive programme lifecycle, from incentive calculation to payout, with Compass, our sales incentive compensation management software.

What’s the major reason behind the downfall of sales incentive compensation solutions?

Designing a comprehensive, flexible sales incentive compensation solution requires a unique architecture and a deep understanding of various sales incentive plans and their underlying logical structure. Without this, it’s challenging to create a flexible system where requested changes and new requirements are incorporated quickly. Most in-house incentive calculation software requires significant code overhaul or re-design–even for little changes that slow the entire process, ultimately increasing sales compensation automation's cost and complexity.

How does Compass help in simplifying the entire incentive compensation process?

Compass is built to solve just this. It’s a no-code software program administrators can use to build complex incentive programs with building blocks by defining variables and logic. Compass will take care of the rest. With Compass, you can select game templates from many options, define KPIs, and create logic with rules, variables, and conditions without coding. Drive behaviours that power business results with engaging sales programs. Compass is an unorthodox product built for orthodox problems in the most orthodox function, sales.

Enterprise-grade sales incentive compensation management software that gets you up and running in a few hours

Compass offers you various sales incentive compensation programs. The best part is that most of them are based on numbers and can be quickly turned into games. These well-known examples show how to make your sales incentive programs into entertaining games.

  • Target-Based Programs: To affect performance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.
  • Competition-based Programs: To impact competition both inside and between teams.
  • Special Plans: To affect a certain KPI, product sales, the season, or stock clearance.
  • Cascading Incentive Programs: Highly effective in affecting performance at the end.

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

What services does Compass offer?

Compass, our sales incentive compensation management software, can expertly manage and execute your incentive compensation programs from start to finish, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Automate complex sales incentive programs quickly.

No coding or spreadsheets are required to save time and calculate complex sales commissions accurately. Instead, automate and manage the sales team's incentive programme, from setup to award calculation and distribution.

  • Automate complex commission and incentive systems.
  • Calculate rewards for thousands of records quickly.
  • Avoid slow disbursements and payment errors.
  • Create enhanced workflows for the sales process.

Motivate salespeople with fun gamification features

Run sales competitions and weekly bonanzas where salespeople can earn rewards if they hit goals at the end of the week or month. Foster their competitive spirit by using leaderboards, level maps, live scores, and earnings to compare salespeople's accomplishments to those of their competitors.

  • Achievements can be displayed with badges.
  • Remind salesmen of their performance at appropriate times.
  • Launch intra-organizational inter-team competitions.
  • Organizing monthly goals into more achievable, shorter-term targets.

Connect to the tools you use daily to sync data seamlessly

With Compass, you can continuously play the game without interfering with the workflow. Provide round-the-clock support for hiccups, and integrate existing tools for automating the sales process.

  • Connect with Spreadsheets, CRM, DMS, or ERP.
  • Define KPIs across sales teams.
  • Create logic with rules, variables, and conditions.
  • Set periodic targets (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly).

Real-time insights that aid in decision-making

Real-time visibility into performance, commission details, and timely payouts can rev up your sales engine. Make better decisions and plan smartly across teams using strong, real-time data and predictive analytics.

  • Get data points in graphical representation.
  • Simulate business metrics based on historical data.
  • Make the most of lessons from previous incentive programs for salespeople to improve goals and incentive payouts.

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