Say no to hassles, yes to automated sales incentive management software

Create and optimize incentive compensation plans that drive your revenue and align with your business goals with Compass: our automated sales incentive management software. Compass easily handles complex incentive programs from start to finish. It even has a user-friendly UI that encourages quick sales team adoption. You can integrate Compass with your CRM via webhooks, APIs or SDKs.

Is your sales incentive program not working?

Despite running incentive programs, your sales team still complains about mismatched incentive amounts, multiple corrections, and delay in commission payouts. Most in-house Sales incentive management software don’t have an understanding of the architecture of various sales incentive plans and their underlying logical structure. They require significant code overhaul or re-design–even for small changes that slow the entire process, ultimately increasing cost and complexity.

Presenting Compass: A holistic sales incentive management software

With Compass, you don't have to carry out complex and time-intensive programs. We handle all the calculations including budget, parameters (based on customer size, deal size, etc.), and automatically hand out rewards so that you can focus on your important tasks. 

With Compass, you can select game templates from many options, define KPIs, and create logic with rules, variables, and conditions - all without any coding. Compass drives business results along with engaging the entire sales team. 

Impact of having an incentive management software

Companies that use automated incentive management systems benefit in multiple ways.

  • 100% reduction in processing time: Reduction in your incentive processing time, with zero errors and no excel sheets!
  • 80% increase in sales productivity: Direct acceleration in your sales team’s performance.
  • A 10x clearer communication: Dynamic nudge-based communication to replace your static mediums - emails and WhatsApp.

Compass: The sales incentive management software trusted by organizations worldwide

Compass: An end-to-end enterprise incentive management system

Automating incentive plans with Compass is simple. No coding. No spreadsheets. Just a turbo-charged team.

Gamified sales program

Your various sales program are turned into number-based games and published in under 10 minutes

  • Launch weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly target-based performance incentives.
  • Run special schemes and programs to influence specific KPI, product - sale, season, or stock clearance.
  • Cascading programs for tail-end performance, high achievers, or individuals under PIP.
  • Track your team’s performance in real-time with live scorecards and leaderboards.
  • Award users with rewards points on achievements, which they can then use to purchase one of more than 20,000 digital gift cards worldwide.

One-click payments

Provide on-time payments with error-free commission calculations and various payment options.

  • Multiple options - wire transfers, travel, and gift cards.
  • Individual transaction details (Ledger of earned, redeemed and deferred value).
  • Dedicated customer support for dispute and feedback
  • Automate commission systems and efficiently calculate a large number of records. 

Internal communities

Connect remote teams with a central communication hub. 

  • Get a virtual workplace where employees can read, comment, react or post content.
  • Save product specifications, contest details, demonstration videos, and other essential files for reference.
  • Enable push notifications for important announcements and align different teams with company culture, vision, and values. 

Friendly ‘Nudge’

Persuade your team to act with timely interventions based on performance targets, all via simple push notifications.

  • Get updates based on individual performance, participation in programs, or redemptions.
  • Timely nudges on relative performance with peers or earning opportunities.
  • Notifications to employees on company announcements, leaderboard triggers, or mentions.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

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Travel & Leisure

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