Automate your sales incentive programs with Compass

Transform your sales incentive programs into entertaining and engaging games. Calculate, broadcast, nudge, and incentivize your team–always on time and without a mistake! engage and motivate your sales reps by running successful sales incentive programs with Compass.

Challenges in measuring the ROI of salespeople

Salespeople are increasingly unable to make a measurable contribution to their sales because they are part of larger systems that make their influence hard to gauge. The relationship between their efforts and their customers can be hard to quantify. With Compass’ sales incentive programs, you can resolve these issues in just one click.

How does Xoxoday Compass help to win over the biggest challenge of salespeople? 

It is no secret that one of the key motivators for salespeople across many sectors and areas is sales incentives and compensation. A company's ability to forecast and communicate strong sales incentive programs can make or break it. Moreover, it is known to raise sales reps' motivation and engagement. Switch to Xoxoday Compass to encourage positive behavior for your team that drives results, which directly helps a company.

Run sales incentive programs easily with Compass

Compass offers you various types of sales incentive programs. The funny part is that most of them are based on numbers and can be quickly turned into games. Incentives can target specific goals, such as sales numbers or retention rates. These bonuses help your company develop its strategic direction. Completing daily objectives or plans for a salesperson or company takes you one step closer to the ultimate goal.

Here are some well-known examples of turning your sales incentive programs into fun games.

  • Target-Based Programs: To influence weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly performance.
  • Competition-Based Programs: To influence competition within the team as well as across teams.
  • Special Schemes: To influence specific KPI, product - sale, season, or stock clearance.
  • Cascading Incentive Programs: To influence tail-end performance, high achievers or PIP Programs.

What services does Compass offer?

No matter how straightforward or intricate your sales incentive programs are, Compass can seamlessly manage them from beginning to end.

Automate complex sales incentive programs quickly.

No coding or spreadsheets are needed to save time and accurately calculate complex sales commissions. Manage and automate incentive program for sales team, from implementation to reward calculation and distribution. 

  • Automate intricate incentives and commission schemes.
  • Quickly calculate incentives for thousands of records.
  • Avoid payment mistakes and sluggish disbursements.
  • Create improved sales process workflows.

Motivate sales people with fun gamification features.

Run weekly bonanzas and sales contests where salespeople are informed of a prize at the end of the week or month if they achieve goals. It encourages sales people to perform better and not wait for their rewards and incentives for long. Pique the competitive spirit of your sales team, motivate them by allowing them to compare their performance to that of their competitors via leaderboards, level maps, live scores, and earnings.

  • Display accomplishments with badges.
  • Give salespeople timely nudges to remind them of their performance.
  • Start interterm tournaments within the organization.
  • Monthly objectives into more manageable, shorter-term goals.

Real-time insights that aid in decision-making

Real-time visibility into performance, commission details, and timely payouts can rev up your sales engine. Make better decisions and plan smartly across teams with the use of strong, real-time data and predictive analytics.

  • Get data points in graphical representation.
  • Simulate business metrics based on historical data.
  • Make the most of lessons from previous incentive programs for salespeople to improve goals and incentive payouts.

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Stop with the traditional boring sales incentive programs

Instead, use our API-first platform to manage and automate sales incentive programs, from initiating incentive plans to computing and disbursing bonuses.

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