Navigate the complexities of compensation with Compass our intelligent sales management software

Maximize your sales potential with our cutting-edge intelligent sales management software. Say goodbye to manual incentive compensation management processes and hello to automation, analytics, and personalized insights. With Compass, manage and automate sales incentive programs, right from initiating commission structure to computing and disbursing bonuses. Experience smarter sales management today.

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Why is your sales management software not working? 

No two businesses are the same, and the same logic applies to building a sales process. It is challenging to develop a flexible system where requested adjustments and new requirements are promptly implemented. Minor changes tend to slow down the entire process of most in-house incentive calculation software, which raises cost and complexity. 

Presenting Xoxoday Compass: The most reliable sales management software for organizations

Compass provides powerful “what-if” scenario modeling to provide flexibility to plan and adapt in ever-changing markets. Get visibility for stakeholders throughout the organization and keep your sales team on target.

With Compass, define KPIs, and create sensible programs with rules, variables, and conditions without coding. Compass allows you to build automated incentive plans and connect them with the rest of your business objectives. Get real-time data, predictions via modeling and 

collaboration capabilities to improve your sales management and incentive programs. Stop using spreadsheets, and let us handle all of the calculations behind closed doors. 

Compass capabilities: get end-to-end solutions for sales management and incentive payouts

Incentive compensation influences seller behaviour and is a critical component of your overall sales strategy. Used effectively, incentive compensation plans ensure that your representatives are all on the same page and laser-focused on your company’s objectives. 

  • Automate the incentive process and help Sales teams design, plan, and streamline complex incentive and commission structures.
  • Increase payout accuracy and speed with automation.
  • Increase transparency and provide all stakeholders with real-time visibility into goals, transactions, attainment amounts, credits etc.
  • Get accurate and reliable data that minimizes disputes and motivates the sales team for better productivity. 

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

What services does Compass offer?

No matter how straightforward or intricate your sales incentive plans are, Compass can seamlessly manage them from beginning to end.

Automate complex sales compensation programs

No coding or spreadsheets are needed to save time and eliminate the burden of accurately computing complex sales commissions.

  • Gamify and publish your various sales programs in under 10 minutes.
  • Calculate rewards for thousands of records swiftly.
  • Influence competition within the team as well as across teams.
  • Run specific KPI, product, sale, season, or stock-clearance programs. 

Live scorecards for tracking your team’s performance in real-time

Scorecards and Leaderboards foster a competitive workspace to motivate your team to achieve more

  • Get achievement feeds for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly performance.
  • Transparent calculations for each member with earning history, transaction details, and more.
  • Highlight selected sections to influence tail-end performance, high achievers, or PIP programs.
  • Convert monthly goals into smaller achievable targets.

Error-free, one-click payments

Reduce computation times and administrative errors by automating complex calculations and compensation management processes. 

  • Enable payments via various payment options, including wire transfers, travel, and gift cards. 
  • Get transaction details, including a ledger of earned, redeemed, and deferred value available for individual consumption.
  • Get customer support - raise a dispute or leave a suggestion for improvement in case things don't go as planned.

Timely nudges and notifications

Get the persuasive power of the nudge engine that breaks down performance targets into rightly timed interventions. 

  • Get updates based on self-performance, participation in programs, or redemptions.
  • Time-based nudges include relative performance in comparison to peers or earning opportunities.
  • Provide quick links to company announcements, leaderboard triggers, or tagging by an individual.
  • Provide reminders on urgent actions on immediate earning opportunities, critical targets, and missed deadlines. 

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