Help your Sales Team Achieve their Goals with our Sales Performance Management Software

Managing salespeople's performance by automating operational and analytical functions to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of the sales process is the most critical task. But don't worry, we have got you covered with Compass, our all-in-one sales performance management software.

Challenges Faced by Sales Performance Management Solution Providers

In a competitive request, how a company brings its products or services to request is as important as what that company is dealing . Indeed the stylish products infrequently vend themselves. Again, a great deals platoon when paired with a great deals strategy, can vend nearly anything. Compass allows duly managing the colorful aspects of sales performance( impulses, perceptivity, soothsaying, and so on), deals leaders can apply new strategies and ways that help their deals associations succeed.

How does Xoxoday Compass help to win over the biggest challenge of salespeople? 

It's no secret that one of the crucial motivators for salesmen across numerous sectors and areas is deals impulses and compensation. A company's capability to read and communicate strong deals incitement programs can make or break it. also, it's known to raise deals reps' provocation and engagement. Switch to Xoxoday Compass to encourage positive gets for your platoon that drives results, which directly helps a company.

How does Compass help Managing Performance of Sales reps?

It isn't any mystery that one of the key motivators for salespeople throughout many sectors and regions is income incentives and compensation. A company's cap potential to forecast and speak robust income incentive applications could make or spoil it. Moreover, it's miles regarded to elevate income reps' motivation and engagement. Switch to Xoxoday Compass to inspire advantageous behavior to your group that drives results, which immediately enables a company.

Compass is trusted by renowned organizations worldwide

What services does Compass offer?

Compass, salesmen could check their performance snappily and fluently, compare themselves to their peers, find out earning openings, share in colorful applicable deals contests and redeem their earned impulses from a global roster. The company could now bus- detector nudges by defining actions to achieve a minimum of 75 of their corner target and present them with further earning openings.

Run automated complex sales incentive & gamification programs quickly.

No coding or spreadsheets are needed to save time and accurately calculate complex sales commissions. Manage and automate incentive programs for sales team, from implementation to reward calculation and distribution. 

  • Automate intricate incentives and commission schemes.
  • Quickly calculate incentives for thousands of records.
  • Avoid payment mistakes and sluggish disbursements.
  • Create improved sales process workflows.

Motivate sales people with fun gamification features

Compass is# 1 Gamification software to accelerate deals, by turning your deals programs into games with your own rules, challenges, and impulses. These programs help you ameliorate the performance of tail- end players with gamification

  • Capture the former performance and use that affair in the coming program with cascading game templates.
  • Design, publish and roll out new programs across the association through a single channel.
  • Publish PIP programs with applicable punch triggers to promote performance.
  • Trial with different combinations of payouts grounded on performance( award more prices to low players to help them perform better

Real-time insights that aid in decision-making

Real-time visibility into performance, commission details, and timely payouts can rev up your sales engine. Make better decisions and plan smartly across teams with the use of strong, real-time data and predictive analytics.

  • Get data points in graphical representation.
  • Simulate business metrics based on historical data.
  • Make the most of lessons from previous incentive programs for salespeople to improve goals and incentive payouts.

Our solution caters to multiple industries

Travel & Leisure
Travel & Leisure

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Sent Maximum Rewards within

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The Most Comprehensive Sales Performance Management Software

Instead of looking here and there for ways to improve performance of your reps, use our sales performance management software to manage and automate sales incentive compensation programs, from initiating incentive plans to computing and disbursing bonuses.